Rushna Khan

Admissions & Support- Supporting St. Lawrence College, Canada


Hi I’m Rushna and I worked as Admissions & Support for St. Lawrence College, Canada at MSM. My job responsibilities included supporting overseas education agents, students and coordinating with the International office.

I was from a slightly different academic background, having completed a degree in Post Graduate diploma in Tourism and Hospitality. While I see myself as a creative person, I never thought of working in the international education sector.

My favorite part of the job was working closely with the students. It gave me immense satisfaction when I delivered pre departure orientation session to them. The spark in the eyes, the pleasure and the excitement on their faces brought me a sense of job fulfillment.

Interacting with International office and meeting the Canadian college officials gave me a Canadian culture experience. Working with MSM was a great experience.  I learnt lot and gained an invaluable experience.



Faraz Saiyed

Manager- Accounts & Administration


Hi I’m Faraz and I’m currently in Australia. I am a Commerce graduate from Gujarat in India, and have worked as an Accountant in couple of firms before joining as an Accountant at MSM.

My role was completely different from my previous jobs as I got to work independently and was to able to hone my skills on excel, Microsoft outlook and my core area of accounts and finance. In a year’s time, I was promoted to Manager- Accounts & Administration- a very challenging role.

I worked closely with the Management and it gave me a completely new insight for my life. By next year, though, I was very happy with my job but I wanted to move ahead and I realized that I had grown ambitious. I spoke to the Management that I want to go to Australia and they not only agreed but also helped me in my settlement in Australia.



Unnati Patel

Manager- Alliances and Business Development


Hi, I am Unnati and worked at MSM for more than 4 years. The decision of leaving MSM wasn’t easy, it was painful but at the same time I was excited to start the next innings of my life, my marriage life as a homemaker.

I worked in administration for a year and later on opted for sales and found I loved the target driven aspect. This drew me to student recruitment and I enjoyed interacting with and building relationships with a variety of people- students, parents & career counselors whilst also having the best bits about sales; commission, targets and a fast paced environment.

The MSM team is amazing – everyone here is supportive and there’s a lot of emphasis on career development. There’s a perception that working in international student recruitment is cut throat and viciously competitive; I can’t speak for other agencies but I know the MSM definitely isn’t like that. It’s a great platform to learn and succeed in the career. Everyone gets on and there’s a great social life outside of work too.



Foluso Awogbami

Manager- West Africa, M Square Media


Hi, I‘m Foluso Awogbami, Manager for M Square Media’s Nigeria office. My role is to recruit students for all MSM partner institutions. This role encompasses conducting Spot Evaluations/seminars and meetings with overseas education consultants, and handling all advertising campaigns for MSM Nigeria seminars. Exciting! I love working at MSM, as it gives me the opportunity to do what I love and learn new things at the same time. The MSM team is amazing, and the job is fulfilling.

My work here at MSM is both exciting and challenging, the perfect recipe for growth. I oversee a group of motivated agents and counselors who I also train and support. My portfolio of job responsibilities allows me the opportunity of being in charge of an international education brand that plays a vital role in global education. My team of agents work hard at ensuring that we help clients reach their recruitment target, and hundreds of Nigerian students in being placed at top quality educational institutions to pursue their dreams.

My team handles promotional activities such as adverts in print media, Facebook promotions, emails, and blogs. We also handle branding and marketing activities to increase the student enrollments, and follow ups for applications. I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful company that focuses not just on its own growth, but on that of its workers as well.



Althea Reader

Business Development


Hi my name is Althea Reader.  I am based in Jamaica and employed to MSM as a Business Development Executive. Being a part of the MSM team is proving to be an amazing journey. My background as a trained teacher and years of experience as a freelance writer works to my advantage, but there is always something new to learn.

The management team is amazing. They are very responsive, easy to talk to, and professional. Thanks to technology, working remotely does not take away from the job and being able to collaborate to get things done in real time, despite the difference in time zones. I enjoy meeting and liaising with MSM clients from other countries. I enjoy what I do, and it is truly a wonderful experience being a part of a company where I can work and grow. The experience gained thus far is invaluable, and yet there is so much more to come.