What is the MSM Global Marketing Office (GMO) and what does it do?

The international education sector is an intricate web of processes. While it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an ecosystem to push an international student’s dream forward. And providing this ecosystem is the critical role that M Square Media’s Global Marketing Office (MSM GMO) plays in the industry.


MSM GMO provides institutional partners with the solutions they need to effectively recruit global learners who want to study abroad thereby creating for them a bigger, more diverse student base.


GMO’s core services include the provision of global and in-country offices, agent management, market entry and expansion, and training and market intelligence. Through this model, the international education sector is made even more dynamic and ubiquitous.


In this blog post, we will further flesh out how a global marketing office model empowers higher education institutions, student recruitment agents, global learners, and the larger international education landscape.


Global and in-country offices


MSM  GMO represents its partner institutions with dedicated and professional staff on the ground. Their marketing and admissions teams work with agents the same way that institution staff does: training, supporting, and motivating them. The difference is that MSM GMO is in-country every day, making them accessible to agents and their counselors.


As such, the global and in-country offices work as sort of an HEI satellite. These offices have dedicated teams that build and manage agent networks, generate qualified leads of international students, pre-screen student applications, and strongly support global learners through pre-departure briefing sessions.


Having a global marketing presence enables higher education institutions (HEIs) to conduct more efficient recruitment. This is made possible by working with high-performing student recruitment agents who effectively implement the branding and education marketing efforts of HEIs in the country of their choice.


Agent management


Student recruitment agents do not only give information about an HEI or assist in the admission process. They also go above and beyond their call of duty and ensure that global learners are being given adequate counsel needed in taking a huge step towards their study abroad aspirations.


Through MSM’s GMO model, agents across the globe are given the training, supervision, and motivation necessary to perform above-average international recruitment where international students are guided in every step of their study-abroad journey. Additionally, education agents are supported through a series of seminars and workshops that keep them in the loop for industry best practices and insights.


Though MSM grooms student recruitment agents for success and bridges them to high-quality HEIs, agents still get their commissions in full.


Training and market intelligence


MSM’s rich leadership and experience in the education space enables the GMO model to set a standard for quality international education recruitment. MSM GMO empowers evidence-backed training for student recruitment agents, which is the result of its robust market intelligence.


Through its leadership and rich experience in the education sector, MSM was able to deepen its market intelligence and translate it to a suite of business solutions for global partners.


Market entry and expansion


As specialized educational programs in some countries are not available, students seek instruction abroad to pursue their desired course. This is a gap in the wider education landscape that the MSM-GMO was able to fill by forging global institution partnerships.


Coupled with its robust market intelligence, MSM’s global market entry has the foresight on which areas have a high number of students seeking global education. This, in turn, helps HEIs boost enrollment, positively impact the bottom line, and keep their environments diverse and inclusive.


Moreover, GMO’s market entry and expansion service empowers HEIs’ global presence by providing business development channels and admissions processing. It gives HEIs a permanent representation that strongly demonstrates a long-term commitment to agents and cements visibility in a certain market.


From a larger perspective, MSM’s global marketing office helps world economies that rely on higher education as their soft power. It also enables the international education system as a significant contributor to the world economy as it opens job opportunities and fills workforce gaps in certain countries.





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