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4 In-Demand College Programs in the Post-pandemic World


Every industry in the world is affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies that were in the most in-demand industries are now facing revenue loss and nearing bankruptcy. However, there are some industries that fare better than others.


For those considering a career shift or planning to go back to school, it is best to consider how this pandemic would influence your job outlook. Here are some recession-proof jobs that might survive the pandemic:

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

One of the biggest struggles the world is facing during this pandemic is securing and delivering goods to the markets. Businesses have found themselves unprepared and lacking manpower when the sudden increase in demand happened. However, companies who invested beforehand in their supply chain were able to cope better because they could easily organize the flow of goods. 


After the pandemic passes, warehouses would need extra manpower as businesses and borders start to reopen. This is where supply chain managers will be most needed. Their job includes overseeing the transportation, delivery, sourcing, and planning of all incoming and outgoing goods.


Here’s a leading supply chain and analytics program to explore. 


A World Health Organization (WHO) report revealed that there is a global shortage of 5.9 million nurses. Even after the pandemic, nurses are one of the first persons a patient meets once they enter the hospital. Nurses not only make initial assessments, but they also manage medical records, administer treatments, and monitor a patient’s condition. 


The overall healthcare industry could see an uptick in demands, and these include those graduating as physicians, biotechnicians, and midwives.


The pandemic has a major effect on the mental health of many individuals. There are people suffering from depression and anxiety as a result of job loss, health scare, and isolation. It can also worsen the conditions of those with pre-existing mental health problems since they would have little access to medication or to their therapist.


As the world recovers, demand for psychologists are expected to rise as people would need additional support to help themselves assimilate back to normality.


The pandemic saw a boom in e-commerce as a convenient way to shop without ever leaving home. It is predicted that 87 percent of people in North America would continue to use online services even after the pandemic. As a result, one can expect more businesses to invest in marketers with skills in SEO, social media marketing, and other similar digital skills.


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