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EdTech Trends that Fuel the International Education Market

The year 2020 accelerated education technology like never before. Even prior to the health crisis, reports already showed that there had been substantial growth in global online learning adoption. This only shows that digital alternatives to teaching are no longer a badge of innovation-led nobility, but a basic necessity to keep operating.


Education technology, or EdTech, has also paved the way for global learners to remain on track to their study abroad aspirations. According to MSM’s 2020 study, about 65% of student recruitment agents were able to recruit with a mix of online and offline, while 63% maintained optimism that their recruitment will be successful amid travel restrictions.


EdTech has indeed helped in many different ways to sustain the international education sector, especially in these adverse times when mobility is hampered. Here are some digital platforms that have fueled these rising trends in edtech adoption.

All-in-one, Tech-enabled Recruitment Platforms

Education technology does not only benefit students but also everyone working in the education space. One such platform that provides all-in-one education services is MSM Unify. 

The EdTEch vertical of M Square Media (MSM), MSM Unify is a powerful, secure, all-in-one platform that connects institutions, agents, and students across the globe. MSM Unify helps higher education institutions (HEIs) in their mission to provide quality study-abroad opportunities. It was born at an opportune moment in the middle of the 2020 pandemic and has the key goal of providing a sustainable and cost-effective platform for institutions that will help them market, recruit, and admit students.

MSM Unify also helps agents to maximize choices for programs and locations for students, enabling them to have a reliable earning opportunity for themselves.

Tech-enabled recruitment platforms such as MSM Unify help the international education sector in ensuring a steady stream of students every year, while providing recruitment agents with the necessary tools to do their business efficiently and effectively.

In making this platform even more robust, MSM Unify has an in-house agency called Abcodo.  Through Abcodo, agents have access to tools that enable them to do high-performance recruitment and aid students in choosing the right institution for them. This also makes agents as drivers of student retention in their partner HEIs.

Education Management Solutions


Among the growing needs of learners around the world is to stay competitive despite challenging situations. This propels HEIs to harness state-of-the-art platforms that will equip them to reach out to and empower global learners in their academic journey.


An example of this is an education management solution such as MSM Higher Ed. HEIs benefit from the MSM Higher Ed platform as it allows them to optimally create opportunities for students through academic, vocational, and English language programs. This platform also enables partner institutions to support global learners in a tailor-fit manner through program design and development, integrated student information systems, and learning management practices. This, as a result, ensures higher student retention.


Additionally, MSM Higher Ed allows HEIs to make expertly designed programs accessible to more international students who are driven to pursue their desired careers in the world’s leading universities.


Online Learning Platforms


Learning is a lifelong process. This is why online learning technologies remain on the rise. According to Guide2Research, online learning adoption has been massively increasing even before the pandemic and is expected to be valued at $336.98 billion by 2026 with a compound annual growth rate of 9.1% from 2018 to 2026.


An example of an online learning platform is Edgox. It is a platform where learners all over the world can take and complete courses at their own pace. Some modules can be taken with instructors and users may also opt to take classes anytime and anywhere.


Championing accessibility of education for all and providing a direct solution to the learning pain points caused by the global health crisis, Edgox helps college students and adult learners who are seeking new competencies in fields across various industries.


Additionally, this platform will be offering mentorship opportunities for career growth and upskilling individuals in the future. This will also include corporate and personalized career training programs to set up international students for global success.


Indeed, many sectors face challenges due to the pandemic. With the right tools and technologies that are on the rise, the international education industry– from the HEIs, global learners, and student recruitment agents– can remain resilient and optimistic that study abroad aspirations will remain accessible. And we have EdTech to thank for these.



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