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As we go further into the digital age, technology will become an integral part of our society. By next year, it is also predicted that technology will play a vital part in how higher institutions operate.

Data analytics will be used by universities and colleges to gain a better understanding of where their institution stands and how it can move forward and adapt. Datasets will be a powerful ally for these institutions in determining the cause of declining enrollments, courses or fields of study that are most in-demand among students. 


Aside from data analytics, virtual reality will also play an important part as an educational tool. According to a study from the University of Warwick, students had a higher positive emotional response to the VR learning method in comparison to the former video and textbook method. With virtual reality, the possibilities are endless and lab experiments that are deemed dangerous can be simulated for a safer yet still educational experience. 



By next year, quality learning will be the name of the game. That being said, educational programs will focus more on being competency-based.

Competency-based education allows students to learn at their own pace. Instead of requiring students to keep up with a standardized set of courses that require a specific amount of time to complete, in competency-based education, the courses are tailor-fitted for each student according to their competencies. By doing this, student engagement and interest are expected to increase since their education is designed to meet their unique needs.



Operations and Administration

Change will also inevitably hit the present climate of college leadership. According to a study, the majority of college presidents are still composed of white males in their early 60s. 

But with the different movements that spark change during this decade, college leadership is predicted to diversify by 2020. Opportunities to have a leadership position will be handed out to women and members of minority groups. 


A significant number of state universities and colleges depend on their local government to fund their institutions. Come 2020, more alternate funding options will be available. 

How can higher education institutions discover and maximize these funding options? Universities and colleges can develop research centers and facilities that can be used to research and develop projects. Aside from attracting grants, it can also be alluring to prospective students looking to hone their skills in the field of research and development. 

Global Development

As technology becomes more intrinsic in higher educational institutions, it will open doors for better opportunities of learning across the globe. Through the use of the internet, knowledge, and learning will be accessible to as much as 3.49 billion internet users. It is now possible to be part of a learning community where the students are on different continents but still able to collaborate in real-time. Student mobility will be greater than ever, as indicated by growing statistics in international education

These are just some of the trends that experts predict in the coming year, and they are likely to be key in institutions’ survival and relevance. 

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