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Five Lesser-Known Reasons Why HEIs Should Partner with Student Recruitment Agents

Student recruitment agents are integral not only to the overall success of higher education institutions but to global learners’ academic aspirations as well. Beyond processing documents for admission, travel arrangements, and accommodation, they are also considered advisors who help international students in their journey.


As international students contribute substantially to institutions and the country’s economy, it is critical for HEIs to ensure that they keep on tapping rich student markets around the world. In this regard, it goes without saying that student recruitment agents are vital to an institution’s international recruitment success.


The fact remains that HEIs in top study destinations, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Australia, are all experiencing the benefits of partnering with student recruitment agents at some point. And many of the reasons for such partnership are obvious.


However, in this blogpost, we’ve compiled a list of lesser-known but similarly excellent reasons why HEIs must partner with student recruitment agents, especially in the adverse situation we are all in right now.


Minimize workload of in-house staff


Education agents are experts in liaising requirements for college admission, study visas, and other travel requisites. They are also well-versed in immigration and study-abroad policies. This makes them capable of accommodating inquiries from students and parents, as well as in processing the needed documents.


With this ability, they help universities in the efficient recruitment and admissions process of students. This also means institutions’ in-house resources are directed to other important tasks while keeping them from being spread too thin.


Confidantes of the students


Student recruitment agents are known for being good listeners. They are keen on learning about the aspirations of global students and their academic goals. They are also generous in sharing their recommendations to global learners to ensure higher success in their study abroad aspirations.

This relationship between students and recruitment agents is an opportunity for HEIs to have a new and effective channel of communication. Through student recruitment agents, they are able to echo their institution’s mission, vision, and values.


Experts in conveying the message of HEIs


Student recruitment agents are trained to instill in their communications with students the values and mission of the universities or colleges they are partnered with.This further enables them to effectively echo the message of the institutions they are working with and hence, attract the international students who are most compatible with the culture of a college or university.


Help in effectively matching students with the right program


By having student recruitment agents echo the message and values of HEIs, they get a higher chance of reaching the students who may best fit the programs they offer. This contributes to a healthy student community as student and program compatibility is integral in the well-being and performance of students. It can also be an indicator of their academic success and happiness while in the institution.


Help in student retention


When education agents are able to help international students find compatible programs for them, this impacts the students’ overall satisfaction–with the program and with the institution. Program compatibility makes students more eager and inspired to fulfill their coursework and, as a result, are more likely to stay in the program and the university until they graduate.


This scenario not only affects student retention but may also inspire global learners in the undergraduate program to pursue further studies in the same college or university.


Student recruitment agents are known to go above and beyond the call of duty to help both HEIs and international students to stay on track with their goals. This makes them an integral part of an institution’s bottom line, as well as the career success of international students.


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