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Fostering Humanity Amid Wider EdTech Adoption

MSM Blog - Fostering Humanity Amid Wider EdTech Adoption

Technology is probably the most misunderstood field of all. Not only does it have a reputation for being impersonal, cold, and mechanical. Some studies even show that technology can lead to feelings of isolation, alienation, or depression. 


It is no wonder that it has become imperative to maintain genuine and personal relationships amid an age when digital adoption has become the norm.


In the education sector where technology has become a crucial part of distance learning, educators are challenged to induce humanistic values such as compassion and kindness, alongside becoming empathetic to their students and their students’ parents.


During a time of unprecedented uncertainty, economic turmoil, and isolation brought about by the global health crisis, compassion helps individuals rise above anxiety and may even aid in increasing motivation to stay productive.


So, how can educators, student recruitment agents, and the general higher education institution sector engender humanity even behind a computer screen? The answer circles back to technology, but with emphasis on using it consciously and with deeper, sincere intention to connect and create stronger bonds with students.

Enriching content and cultural awareness

The hyper connectivity that the internet offers can be something that educators may maximize in terms of making richer and engaging learning content. According to EdTech Magazine, these may also espouse deeper awareness of the world’s diverse culture and offer deeper understanding of different ethnicities.

For instance, teachers whose lesson is about an indigenous tribe may show their students an actual video of an individual who shares the lifestyle of their community. This not only gives the students interesting and useful information about human conditions, it also allows them to become more culturally aware.

This also promotes inclusivity and diversity among students and allows students of color to feel more seen and included.

Maintaining a compassionate atmosphere during online class

Even if meetings and classes are done online, educators are advised by an article from Faculty Focus to  maintain a compassionate atmosphere by conducting check-ins with the students while also humbly admitting that educators are experiencing the same stress caused by the pandemic. 

These shared experiences promote greater association between the teacher and the students.


 These also help in minimizing feelings of uncertainty and alienation. In addition, a study that measured teacher effectiveness has shown that educators with higher levels of empathy have a positive impact on student performance. 


A compassionate atmosphere also becomes especially helpful for international students since studying abroad has added layers of challenge, which is moving out of comfort zones and subjecting oneself to a potential culture shock. Student recruitment agents may also adopt this practice when catching up with students.


In an era of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, it becomes even more important to use digital platforms more consciously. The academe is among the sectors that most need to induce humanistic values so as to spare future generations from the pitfalls of technology.





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