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Most, if not all, of aspiring and current students are using social media, so incorporating it in your brand strategy as a higher education institution (HEI) enhances their overall experience. It’s a tool that benefits the institution, the students, as well as the faculty. Making creative use of social media can be the key to improving your university’s image and relevance.

Boosting Student Recruitment

Even before a student enrolls, social media already helps potential college students by giving them a rather intimate source of information. They can go through Facebook groups and Twitter pages to get a glimpse of what it’s like on campus. This is why posting school events, awards, and alumni engagement events is a great way of gaining credibility.


Aside from that, HEIs can use social media to reach their audience. Going to every high school in the state takes a lot of time and resources. Social media and the right online marketing strategy can be a more effective and cost-efficient way to improve recruitment numbers.

Improving Campus Life

Part of the college experience is being involved in school activities. Universities can use it to announce upcoming events and competitions that students can participate in. Involving friendly faculty and staff in your school highlights can also boost school spirit. 


Similarly, social media can help freshmen discover university organizations and groups that they can join. It also gives students an outlet where they can communicate with their fellow students and peers. Learners also often share resources and coordinate school projects using social media.

Connecting Professors to Students

Social media has become a new way of communicating to students, and it creates another platform for learning. For instance, professors can use it to host live lectures, send updates, or host student debates. It has become an effective teaching tool that benefits both the students and lecturer.


Professors also make use of social media to show students who they are and what they offer. The scope and accessibility of social media allow them to broadcast their lectures and research. It opens discussion not just with students, but also their colleagues and other experts in their field. 

Staying Within the Alumni Circle

An online platform also helps connect current students with alumni, creating a greater sense of community. Alumni can answer questions, share experiences, and provide insights to help students adjust to campus life and make sound post-graduation decisions.


Another benefit of social media is that it highlights the lives of graduates, adding to the school’s credibility. One of the things students value the most is their career and work opportunities, and seeing the success of alumni helps reassure them of their own choices.

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