International Education: What Foreign Students Should Expect in 2023

International Education: What Foreign Students Should Expect in 2023

For many students, studying abroad means more and bigger opportunities career-wise. This is also the same reason international education has become more and more of an option for higher education enrollees. 


Are you one of the many, who want to study overseas and look forward to a brighter future and a better life? Then, it is important that you know which colleges and countries are the best destinations. You should know too, what scholarships are being offered, and how much it would cost you to study abroad. Read on and find out what foreign students like you should expect in 2023.

More Student Visa Applications Despite the Adverse Effects of COVID-19


The dream of hundreds of thousands of Indian students preparing for an international education during the 2019-2020 academic year came crashing down because of the pandemic, according to a report from The Indian Express.


There was a slight improvement in 2021, although the heavy load on international embassies meant only a few were granted visas to go abroad. In 2022 and leading into 2023, students preparing to study abroad increased again, with a lot of them securing a student visa and going to their dream country. 


As we forecast this year’s trends in international education, we have t consider that there remains a shadow of the pandemic that lingers, considering the continued high infection rate in China. Aside from that, there is the effect of the war in Europe as well, which has driven inflation throughout all the study-abroad destinations.

Top 5 Forecasts for International Education in 2023

1. More International Students for Countries that Offer the Most Attractive Post-Graduation Job Offers

It’s commonly known that a lot of foreign students consider education as the key to a better life. For them, education is the building block for their dreams. More than this, however, international students today want to understand further what a specific post-graduation job market will look like in their study destination.

What Foreign Students Should Expect in 2023

There are some key changes implemented within the major English-language destination markets that have developed a more favorable post-graduation working environment for students.


For example, in the United Kingdom, its Graduate Route visa currently allows students to stay in the country for at least two years after graduation. Therefore, they have the option to change to the skilled worker visa to have their employment extended upon expiration of their Graduate Route visa, a strategy that could make them qualify for permanent residency.

2. With or Without the Pandemic, Hybrid or Blended Learning Stays

Studies reveal that students have remained enthusiastic when it comes to embracing the benefits of hybrid learning. While the pandemic may have been the international students’ first brush with this mode of learning, they have grasped the blended model as the future of education.


A balanced combination of online and on-campus learning for college courses abroad is not only cost-efficient but made higher education abroad equitable, democratized, and sustainable, as well.  The most notable example is the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United Kingdom of India for the joint recognition of academic credentials.


3. India to Overtake China in All Major Destination Markets

Any conversation about foreign student populations starts with India and China. For the past 20 years, the said two nations have dominated as the top countries of origin for international students. 


Nonetheless, as there have been many other destination markets, the Indian student population pursuing international studies has been increasing. Chinese enrollees, on the other hand, dropped in number. This is partly because of the initiatives of the Chinese government to develop its post-secondary education institutions and systems, transitioning China from a leading nation of origin to a destination of its own.


Also in 2023, it is expected that India will overtake China as the largest international student population in the United States, joining the UK and Canada.


4. Demand for STEM and Tech Courses to Continue Growing

Despite reports about the decrease in job offerings, the demand for college courses specifically those that major in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) continues to grow. As such, 2023 is the best year to take these courses and prepare for the job market when it bounces back in one to two years. 


Also, a flexible curriculum that intertwines opportunities with the program and development of the courses has resulted in a strengthening interest in STEM and technology courses.


5. More Opportunities for Universities to Gain International Enrollees from Specific Countries After China’s Decline

As universities look to fill the gap left by the plunge in Chinese applications, recruitment initiatives have started to ramp up in bigger, high-growth markets where college or university education becomes the main consideration for future international students. The number of higher education students from Algeria, Iran, and Nigeria is expected to increase swiftly over the next couple of years.

Until September 2022, more than 30% of all Canadian student visas had been issued at the university level. In addition, more than 36% of US student visas had been issued at the undergraduate level in the same year, while only 50% of UK student visas had been granted at the same level. From this year onwards, there is a need for universities to build a bigger foothold in other markets where students are attracted to university.


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