Ireland’s Stay-Back Visa: How is It Benefiting International Students?

The “stay-back visa” of Ireland for international students pertains to the “Third Level Graduate Program,” according to a report from the University of College Dublin. This allows non-European Economic Area (EEA) students who have graduated from Irish higher education institutions to stay in Ireland for a maximum of 24 months to seek employment.


Indian students, in particular, can benefit from the stay-back visa of Ireland since thousands of the IT companies in the country are among the top businesses in the world, not to mention 50 percent of the leading financial service firms worldwide are based there, as well. 


Opportunities from this visa type are available to Indian students in the fields of pharmaceuticals, financial services, ICT, and medical services.


Processing of visas in Ireland is fast, with student visas being processed within five working days if all the necessary documents are submitted and complete. A student can send his applications online which then, is processed through the Delhi Embassy.

Ireland, a Top Choice for International Education Destination

Ireland may be a small country with a population of five million and around 4,000 to 5,000 new students yearly (and 40,000 students in all), but it is considered quite a lot and thus it is unrealistic to beat the numbers of the United States or Canada.


Still, it focuses on quality offerings, instead of a huge number of students. Ireland is much more focused on utilizing postgraduate education as the main factor for international students, specifically Indian nationals.


It is likely to break into one of the top options for Indian students and improve their numbers in the years yet to come.


5 Benefits of an Ireland Education

As specified in a Vision International report, with the United States, Australia, and Canada being the leading contenders of the international education league, Ireland is a study destination that has gained much popularity in recent times, and there are many reasons for it.


Opting to study in this country can be advantageous for you as an international student if you know exactly what benefits you are getting from it.

Here are some of the top benefits that will even help convince you to choose Ireland as your study abroad destination.


1.Education System 

Universities in Ireland constantly get complimented for their outstanding education system, seamlessly combining the world’s best when it comes to higher education standards, as well as research opportunities.

The innovative, not to mention creative, teaching process for the development of skills in their curriculum guarantees that students have the proper academic support to help drive them to success.


 2. Language Used


Language is not just a hindrance to communication, but how education is perceived, as well. Nonetheless, in Ireland, language has never been a barrier as the majority of the students, as well as the locals in the country, prefer using English whenever they communicate.


Furthermore, Irish Universities’ medium of instruction is mostly English as well. This is advantageous to Indian students who not only get a high-quality education, they can connect with both students and locals allowing them to understand cultures and traditions from a closer vantage point without being hindered by linguistic barriers.


 3. Bigger Chances of Succeeding in Obtaining a Student Visa


Visa rejection is a challenge that’s crushing the dreams of getting an international education among many students. When it comes to the application for a visa to study in Ireland from India, the procedure is not that complicated. In fact, the country holds an impressive 96% statistic for visa approval.


While it is not typical for an individual’s visa to get rejected, there’s still a need to be cautious about the “whats” and “hows” of the visa process and save oneself from being rejected.


4.The Opportunity to Work While Studying

When you opt for an education in Ireland, you can choose to take a job while you are still enrolled at a university or college.


With a student visa, an individual can work 20 hours each week during the academic session. Meanwhile, during breaks, he can work up to 40 hours a week.


Essentially, Ireland is a hub of a lot of indigenous and international companies that offer an array of job opportunities, be it part-time or full-time. International students may opt for a job based on skills and preferences, and earn some money for their studies or travel expenses.


5.More Options for Career Opportunity

As part of the European Union, Ireland offers remarkably diverse opportunities for students while studying, and even after college. Ireland is considered home to a lot of global companies such as Apple, Intel, and Google, among other big enterprises. 


While studying, a student can work as a part-time employee, and upon completion of the study course, he can apply for a post-work visa, stay back and be part of the said leading companies.


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