Canada’s housing crisis leaves int’l students exploited, 145 UK unis affected by exam marking boycott, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

Canada’s housing crisis leaves int'l students exploited, 145 UK unis affected by exam marking boycott, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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In Canada, the struggle to find affordable housing as a result of the sharp rise in accommodation rates has left international students vulnerable to exploitation. It was also reported that many face discrimination in the rental market.


More than 145 universities across the United Kingdom are anticipated to be affected by the marking and assessment boycott observed by the University College Union after the issue discussion with employers failed to reach an agreement.


These and more key developments from the United States, Australia and Japan in this edition of MSM Reporter.


US student visa: United States to begin student visa 2023 application process this month

The United States Government announced that it will begin the processing of US Student Visa 2023 Appointments this month in preparation for the fall semester courses. The US Consulate General in Hyderabad confirmed that the first batch of appointments will open in mid-May. As part of its attempts to minimize student visa wait times, the Biden Administration vowed to boost the number of appointments for Indian students and employees by 30 percent. Furthermore, the visa waiver program for in-person interviews for students from specific fields, professors, research associates, and specialists has been extended until December 31.

Times Now

Families willing to host international students needed in Sudbury

Greater Sudbury’s Catholic School Board is looking to expand its international student program and is looking for community people to serve as host families. Students between the ages of 14 and 19 who want to travel to Canada to live and study for an extended length of time are eligible for the MLI Homestay Program. For the current semester, 22 students from six different nations are enrolled in Sudbury and 25 more have already signed up for the following one. The school board wants to host 50 kids the next year, thus 25 more hosts will be needed.

CTV News

As number of Indian, international students rise, marking boycott could have major impact on UK universities

Over 145 universities across the UK are set to be affected by a marking and assessment boycott being observed by the University College Union after employers failed to come to an agreement with the UCU in a long-running pay and conditions dispute. The boycott will affect written, oral, and verbal exams and essays as well as the UK’s domestic and international student population. UCU General Secretary Jo Grady has called on university employers to make a better offer, and has stated that the boycott will continue until one is made. Grady has advised students to contact their vice-chancellors and ask them to negotiate a fair offer.

The Free Press Journal

Australia to review student visas as universities clamp down on fake applications from India

Several Australian universities have imposed restrictions on students from certain Indian states, citing concerns that applicants are not genuinely interested in studying and are only enrolling to obtain work visas. The limitations were implemented as part of the Australian government’s effort to tighten the conditions for student visas in response to worries that applicants are entering the country for the wrong reasons. Investigation by The Age newspaper earlier this month discovered that at least five Australian universities had implemented bans or restrictions on students from specific Indian states to prevent entry to “non-genuine” students.

The Straits Times

Indian students heading to the US rose in 2022: report

An updated statistic claims that more Indian students visited the US in 2022 than they did in 2021. The most frequent continent of origin was Asia, with China and India making up the majority of the population. India sent more students than China did in 2022 compared to 2021. From 2021 to 2022, there were 68,678 more active F-1 and M-1 student records from Asia overall. According to a report published by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Asia had the most student records of any region.

The Economic Times

Massive Canada College admission fraud to see the first victim, a disabled woman, being deported to India

The expulsion of hundreds of Indians, including students, who entered the country using false enrollment offers and submitted applications for permanent residency is being managed by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). Karamjeet Kaur, a disabled lady who was eager to study in Canada but is now facing deportation, is one of the victims. She is the first of many people to get an order of removal. The matter has generated a lot of controversy and left many people of Punjabi origin feeling misled.

The Free Press Journal

Labour to ditch its promise to abolish tuition fees in England

Labour leader Keir Starmer announced that the party will drop its pledge to abolish university tuition fees in England, citing the need to move on from the idea due to the economic situation. Starmer stated that Labour is “looking at options” on how to fund universities, but the promise to get rid of student-paid tuition, which was one of the pledges he made when standing to lead Labour in 2020, will no longer be pursued. This decision has drawn criticism from Labour Students and Momentum, but a poll of students in England for the Higher Education Policy Institute showed that only 28 percent want Labour to abolish tuition payments.

The Guardian

Aged care providers fear student visa changes will ‘devastate’ their workforce

The pandemic made the severe labor shortages in Australia’s aged care sector worse. In order to cover low-paying care tasks, the industry has depended primarily on overseas students, who are allowed to work an unlimited number of hours thanks to visa policies from the epidemic era. International students will only be allowed to work for a maximum of 24 hours per week due to a number of regulations designed to stop the abuse of temporary workers. Aged-care providers are pleading with the government to put off implementing these policies because they will make the shortages worse. In order to examine the availability of workers, they are also asking for a six-month extension to the current rules for overseas students.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Canada’s costly housing market leaves international students open to exploitation

International students, a vulnerable population frequently ignored in national conversations on the housing issue, are struggling to find affordable housing as a result of the sharp rise in rental rates in major Canadian cities. With approximately 807,000 foreign students in Canada in 2022, a total of 40 percent of them were from India and many of these students face discrimination in the rental market. According to Tania Das Gupta’s study on Punjabi immigration, some landlords have prejudices against international students because of their gender and racial background. For international students, this discrimination is a problem that makes it even harder to locate inexpensive housing.

The Conversation

Republican sponsor of sweeping bill on higher education in Ohio says changes to it are coming

Senator Jerry Cirino, the sponsor of Senate Bill 83 in Ohio, which includes a ban on required diversity, equity, and inclusion training, has stated that the bill will be amended to clarify some concerns raised by opponents. The amendment will address issues related to federal grants and institutional accreditation. However, controversial provisions such as the ban on mandatory diversity training and ideological “litmus tests” in hiring, will remain. The bill also includes a ban on financial partnerships with China, a requirement for tenured faculty to go through performance reviews, and a statement of commitment to intellectual diversity and free speech.

Ideastream Public Media

Engineering not the preferred degree choice for Indian students anymore: GRE data

According to data released by the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), physical science has become the most popular choice of degree over engineering with over 40,000 candidates applying for the course. The data also showed that over 30 percent of students preferred the US as their destination, followed by Canada at 25 percent and Western Europe at 14 percent. The GRE is a widely recognized assessment that measures critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

The Economic Times

Japan should aim for 500,000 studying abroad, government panel says

The Japanese government’s Council for the Creation of Future Education, chaired by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, has set a goal for Japan to increase the number of its citizens studying abroad to 500,000 by 2033, including 150,000 students seeking to earn degrees, 230,000 students studying abroad for a shorter period, and 110,000 high school students abroad in study tours. The government also aims to accept 400,000 international students to the country by the same year. In order to achieve these targets, the government will promote online international exchanges, enhance financial aid, and enable universities to set tuition fees and conduct capacity management more flexibly.

The Japan Times

Featured Institution - Glasgow Caledonian New York College

Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) offers three Master of Science degrees that explore business and organizational issues through the lenses of sustainability, social impact, justice, and equity. GCNYC was founded by Glasgow Caledonian University, which has over 20,000 students globally, and shares its commitment to people, planet, and profitability with a smaller community of students, faculty, and staff. 


The college is situated in SoHo, in the heart of New York City, in a newly renovated, gallery-like space that serves as a lively center for industry professionals committed to the Common Good. GCNYC is chartered by the New York State Department of Education and is currently a candidate for accreditation by the Middle States Commission for Higher Education.

Glasgow Caledonian New York College

Featured Program - Health Care Cook Program

Southeast College’s Health Care Cook program is a 38-week certificate program that aims to prepare students for working in healthcare settings. The program equips students with skills such as modifying diets according to specific nutritional requirements and interacting with patients and residents. The program combines practical and theoretical knowledge, enabling students to gain valuable experience in health care cooking. Upon completion, students will be ready for a career in health care cooking, having gained extensive knowledge and practical experience.

Southeast College

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