COVID Surge Impact, International Students’ Uncertainties, and More in Int’l Ed

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Note From the Editor As the COVID-19 cases continue to rise worldwide, some international students are worried about the current situation’s impact on their studies. Some of those learners who came home for the holidays are now postponing their flights back to their study destinations. Although there were no announcements of border closures in major host countries yet, students take the initiative to take extra caution because of the fast-increasing coronavirus cases driven by the omicron variant. Apart from the virus concerns, new international students in North America are struggling as they navigate harsh winters for the first time. To alleviate this problem, some groups decided to extend some assistance in the form of food donations, clothing, and other types of support to help struggling global learners.
South Asian International Students Struggling During COVID Isolation, Harsh Winter As international students in Canada experience pandemic-induced challenges alongside the harsh winter, a non-profit organization called One Voice Canada provided food donations, clothing, and other types of support to help struggling global learners. Some challenges that beset international students include social isolation, unemployment, and financial stress among other things.


N.S. Universities Making Allowances for International Students During COVID-19 Surge Despite housing challenges amid the COVID-19 surge in Nova Scotia, Canada, two partner institutions of M Square Media keep the campus residences open. This is a big help for international students especially when a common struggle for global learners is not having a place to go. According to a student union executive from Acadia University, foreign students are encouraged to reach out to their campus student union especially during these challenging times.


Immigration: UK Approved Study Visas to Nigerians Rises by 347% in 2021 The immigration data from the UK Government revealed that there is a notable 39 percent increase of the Nigerian nationals with approved study visas. The same report stated that Nigeria makes the largest increase among the top 5 nationalities that include China, India, the United States, and Pakistan. The report stated that for the year ending September 2019, 7,860 Nigerians were granted sponsored study visas, compared to 8,229 in 2020 and 36,783 by 2021.


Number of Eastern European Students in UK Universities Plummets Universities across the United Kingdom are experiencing a decrease in the number of EU students, which is mainly happening because of high UK student visa fees as well as the increase in tuition fees, according to the Home Office, the UK government department responsible for immigration, security, law, and order. A significant decline has been noted in the number of students from eastern European countries, particularly from Romania and Poland.

Erudera College News

Call for Crackdown on Commercial Cheating Services for Students As international students in Australia are being targeted by online academic cheating services that offer to do assignments for less than $100, the peak body representing independent higher education providers is prompting the federal government to outlaw the provision or advertising of these kinds of services. The call for legislation in outlawing such providers also demands that it extends to Vocational Education and Training.

The Sunday Morning Herald

International PhD Students Call for Longer Student Visas Foreign PhD students in New Zealand are calling for a longer student visa so they can continue their study without having to worry about spending time and money on getting extensions. Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi’s office said there are options for students who want a longer visa. Immigration lawyer Alex Lee said any ability to stay in this country is always dependent on progress students make in a particular course or program. He added that it is fair for the government to make sure that a student is making progress in their study and continues to be a person of good character and their medical status continues to be clear.

Radio New Zealand

EducationUSA Launches New Mobile App in Pakistan In the efforts to complement the expertise of EducationUSA in providing comprehensive information on American education opportunities for Pakistani students, the mobile app of EducationUSA is launched in Pakistan just in time for the New Year. According to U.S. Embassy’s Minister Counselor for Public Affairs Ray Castillo, there are nearly 8,000 Pakistani students studying in the US and the mobile app offers over 4,000 accredited institutions to choose from.

Academia Mag

New Advisory Against Non-Essential Travel Reinforces Uncertainty for International Students’ Education The federal government is advising all Canadians to avoid any non-essential travel outside of the country as the highly infectious omicron variant spreads around the world. This means that international travelers entering Canada’s border will again be subjected to strict COVID-19 precautions. International students are once again facing uncertainties as a result of the new advisory. With the rise of omicron cases, many international students are now concerned about its impact on their education.

Excal News

Situation in US Leaves Students Traveling Back Worried With COVID-19 cases on the rise around the world, particularly in the United States, Indian students returning to their campuses abroad are concerned. Some of them who had come down for the holidays had postponed their trip back to the US until the last week of January. While others continue to travel back, they say they will be extra cautious and will just stay on campus despite being fully vaccinated.

Times of India

UK Suspends Walk-In Service for Visa Applicants in Nigeria The United Kingdom has temporarily suspended its “flexi appointment” (walk-in) service for visa applicants in Nigeria. The service allows applicants to submit applications during the opening hours of the visa application centre (VAC), as well as before and after their scheduled appointment date. Now, no one will be able to book one of these appointments online or in person at the VAC. The decision to suspend the service was made for the safety of customers amid the rising COVID-19 cases.

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Taiwan To Reopen for Non-Scholarship Language Students in March Taiwan will reopen its borders in March to approximately 5,000 international language students who do not hold a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship from the Ministry of Education (MOE). The new rules will apply to non-scholarship students who want to study Mandarin in Taiwan for at least six months, and universities can begin making applications on students’ behalf on February 14. Eligible students must present a negative COVID-19 test result obtained within three days of boarding their flight, as well as a PCR test performed upon arrival and before the end of their mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Focus Taiwan

Japan Entry Ban Puts Student Exchange Programs at Risk Travel restrictions imposed by Japan to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are seen as a barrier for international students. According to some school officials, it is jeopardizing Japan’s universities’ participation in exchange programs. On Nov. 8, Japan relaxed its long-standing ban on new foreign nationals entering the country, only to reimpose it at the end of the month in response to the spread of the omicron variant. During this brief period, only 228 foreigners were permitted to enter Japan, with only three international students among them.


Featured Institution: Nichols College Nichols College, located in Dudley, Massachusetts, United States, is a private institution well-known for providing business and leadership-oriented education rooted in a liberal arts foundation. With an emphasis on experiential learning, the college provides numerous opportunities for students to participate in a variety of competitive internships as well as high-impact, hands-on learning experiences embedded in coursework. Nichols offers master’s degrees in business, leadership, and accounting, as well as a variety of certificate programs, to help professionals advance in their careers. The institution assists international students in getting the most out of their education by offering a variety of programs and services that promote personal and professional development while also meeting their specific academic needs. Nichols is dedicated to developing the next generation of global leaders by improving students’ communication and critical thinking skills and broadening their ethical and cultural perspectives.

Nichols College

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Featured Program: Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Health Care Management
The Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Health Care Management program at Cape Breton University provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and lead a health care unit effectively. This program is designed for domestic and international students with undergraduate degrees who want to pursue supervisory positions in the field of health care. It is also suitable for students who want to gain a foundational understanding of health care management before pursuing a master’s degree. After earning a Health Care Management Diploma, students can seek employment and gain practical experience in a variety of health care organizations, including hospitals, nursing homes, and medical clinics.

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