Governments are taking actions to help international students get back on track in their education endeavors

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Several government sectors from various countries are launching various programs to assist the global learners as they are set to take face-to-face classes again. On the other hand, an uptick in the number of international students are coming back to the universities after restrictions are lifted.


India: Ministry of External Affairs and Foreign Diplomats Hold Talks Over Visa Issues for Indian Students

The spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs in India, Arindam Bagchi, had discussions with diplomats from numerous countries, including the United States, regarding visa appointments for Indian international students. Bagchi looked to address the reportedly long delays that Indian international students are experiencing in visa processing even though students have paid everything for their studies.

Erudera College News

Canada To Let Foreign Students Stay and Work To Fill Labor Shortage

Canada is proposing that international students with expiring temporary status or those with a post-graduation work permit can apply for an additional open work permit of up to 18 months. The prolonged stay also gives the students a better chance to qualify for permanent residencies. The move is to cover the labor shortages being experienced by 55 percent of small businesses along with more than 20 percent of Canadian employers.


More Indian Students Choose UK With Post-study Work Visa

The United Kingdom is gaining the attention of international students. According to the British High Commission in India, almost 108,000 student visas for Indian nationals were administered in the year ending in March 2022. The hundred thousand student visas awarded were nearly double when compared to the year ending in March 2021. The rise in visa applications is due to the restrictions being lifted in the United Kingdom, and the higher education institutions in the country are almost back to normal.

The Times of India

Attractive Scholarships, Job Opportunities Across Europe Drawing Indian Students to Italy

According to Federica Maria Giove, director of the Uni-Italia center in India, the number of visas issued to Indian students going to study in Italy each year is around 3500. The apex organization, which has a center inside the Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai, anticipates an increase in the number of Indian students this year. Giove added that Italy has the sixth largest cohort of international students in the EU, and Indian students are among the top five, with numbers growing year after year.

Times of India

International Students Key to Hospitality Industry Recovery

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that Australian consumer spending on food and hospitality keeps on rising as months pass in 2022. The recovery is a good thing, but the shortage of workers is not. The shortage can be answered by the Federal Government accelerating the processing of student visas, which in turn allows international students to enter the workforce. 


More Than Half of Universities’ Overseas Enrollments Are Chinese Students, Despite Closed Borders

According to the Department of Education and Training, out of the 138,907 international student enrollments in New South Wales in 2021, 50.5 percent were from China. These numbers are amidst the New Zealand borders closing. The increase in the number of enrollments, particularly international students from China, is an unusual trend, and the enrollments are expected to go back to normal numbers in 2023.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Foreign Applications to US Colleges and Study Abroad by Americans Rebound, New Report Shows

The number of international students applying to colleges in the United States is increasing, according to a new report by the Institute of International Education. Almost two-thirds (65%) of institutions reported an increase in applications for admission from international students for the 2022-23 academic year. The increase no doubt reflects several factors, among them a renewed emphasis on direct, in-person recruitment, with nearly half (43%) of institutions reporting that they were using in-person recruitment of international applicants, after a couple of years of relying on social media and online recruitment.


Canada Announces New Task Force To Address Delay in Processing Immigration Applications

Canada will have a new task force to address the delays in the processing of immigration applications and passports, announced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on June 25. According to a press release, the task force will drive action to improve the processing of passports and immigration applications by identifying priority areas for action and outlining short- and longer-term solutions, with a focus on reducing wait times, clearing out backlogs, and improving the overall quality of services.

Indian Express

India, China Discuss Return of Students, Resumption of Direct Flights

The Indian Ambassador to China, Pradeep Kumar Rawat, and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked about allowing direct flights between India and China for international students to resume or start their studies or go back to their homelands. In India, more than 12,000 Indian students want to move forward and pursue their international studies.

Business Standard

Bulgaria Eases Requirements for Foreign Students Admission to Universities

Changes to an ordinance on the state requirements for admission of students to higher education institutions provide for Bulgarian universities to more easily accept foreign students, Bulgarian National Radio said on June 26. The current requirement for presenting a medical certificate when applying to a Bulgarian university has been  dropped.

Sofia Globe

M’sia Continues To Be the Preferred Choice for International Students

“Malaysia is still the preferred choice for international students to further their studies,” said Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Noraini Ahmad. She said that although the number of applications for further studies in Malaysia had declined slightly following the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation improved in 2021 as the number rose again to up to 32 percent. Noraini added that there were several factors that could attract and encourage more foreign students to study in the country, such as the quality of education, which is recognized as world-class.

Sun Daily

Japan Aims To Up Number of International Students to 300,000 by 2027

Japan’s education ministry will step up efforts to bring in more foreign students and send more Japanese counterparts abroad, Nikkei learned Tuesday, seeking to revive cross-border study to pre-pandemic levels by 2027. Japan will seek help from previous recipients of government-sponsored scholarships to discover new talent. Attracting more exchange students makes Japanese universities more competitive internationally, while sending Japanese students abroad helps to nurture global talent.

Nikkei Asia

Featured Institution: Community College of Philadelphia

Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) is a public community college founded in 1965. It offers over 100 associate degree and certificate programs throughout its four locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

CCP has four locations that offer a unique set of programs. The Main Campus is located in the Spring Garden and houses seven buildings. The Northeast Regional Center is CCP’s first and largest regional center. Northwest Regional Center is the only location that offers the Ophthalmic Technician Proficiency Certificate Program. The West Regional Center is three miles away from the main campus. It offers programs in two buildings with 25 classrooms.

Community College of Philadelphia

Featured Program: Aircraft Maintenance Technician Diploma

The Aircraft Maintenance Technician program trains students to troubleshoot  and perform aircraft inspections, including airframe structures, engines, and aircraft systems. They learn to disassemble and remove defective parts, assemble and install replacement parts, interpret technical manuals, drawings and blueprints, test aircraft systems, record problems, take actions to rectify the issues and maintain an accurate statement of the maintenance history.

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