Indians win and Africans lose in US student visa approvals, Canada funds immigrant services anew, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

Indians win and Africans lose in US student visa approvals, Canada funds immigrant services anew, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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As US student visa approval rates fall to 65% in 2022, Indian applicants emerge as the biggest winners, while separate research highlights the doubling of visa denials among aspirants from Africa and South America over the past decade.


Canada allocates CA$10.5 million (US$7.9 million) to enhance pre-arrival settlement services for immigrants, while a new survey in the UK shows that three in four students say their higher education helped them secure their desired job. Meanwhile, more foreign students flock to Danish and Irish universities as Norway grapples with a drop in its non-European Education Area (EEA) student enrollment.


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US student visa approval rates fall to 65%, with Indians as biggest winners - yet African and South American college students face high hurdles to study in the US

A recent report highlights visa challenges for African and South American students in the United States as visa denials for South American students doubled in a decade, with African students facing the highest denial rates. Despite ongoing demand, the US risks losing qualified African talent if the trend persists. In 2022, the US issued over 411,000 F-1 visas, the approval rates reflecting a 65% decrease. India had the most significant growth in student visas at 43 percent, possibly surpassing China – which saw a 35 percent decline in F-1 visas issued – as the top source of international students in the world.

NBC News / The Economic Times

Canada allocates funds to enhance pre-arrival settlement services for immigrants; country’s new immigration minister is Marc Miller

Canada has allocated CA$10.5 million (US$7.9 million) to enhance pre-arrival settlement services for immigrants through Collège La Cité and Colleges and Institutes Canada, aiming to provide further support and information before immigrants’ arrival. The funding is part of a larger CA$65 million (US$48 million) package to support racialized newcomer women and provide language training for newcomers in francophone minority communities. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also recently announced major changes to his cabinet, appointing Marc Miller as the new immigration minister. Miller recently served as minister of crown-indigenous relations, while the most recent immigration minister, Sean Fraser, became minister of housing, infrastructure and communities.

MSM Reporter / CIC News

Three in four UK students say university helped get their ideal job

A new survey shows that three in four students believe that attending university helped them secure their desired job. First-generation university students have a higher average starting salary than those whose parents also have degrees. The research highlights the benefits of higher education, including improved job prospects, career ambitions, earnings, and social mobility, despite recent concerns about the value of degrees and potential financial pressures on universities.


More international students apply to study at Danish universities

Foreign applications for bachelor’s degrees at Danish universities have risen by 37 percent in the last year, along with a similar increase in English-taught course applications at professional colleges. The surge came before the implementation of a higher education reform to accommodate more international students. Previously, some English-taught spots were reduced to cut state student grant expenses, but the recent trend indicates growing interest among foreign nationals in studying in Denmark.

The Local

Australia to not consider TOEFL score

Australia’s government has announced that it will no longer consider TOEFL iBT scores for visa purposes starting from July 26. Instead, they will accept scores from tests like IELTS, PTE, Cambridge English, and OET conducted at secure test centers. For IELTS test results, including One Skill Retake (OSR), they will be accepted except for certain visa subclass applications that require scores from a single sitting or attempt. Additionally, OSR allows test takers to retake one of the four test components in either reading, writing, speaking, or listening once only.

The Indian Express

Canada must find right balance on immigration, population growth and labor force: Report

A report underscores Canada’s need to balance immigration policies, population growth, and newcomer integration for sustainable economic and social development. The influx of skilled foreign workers and non-permanent residents has supported the labor market and economic growth, yet raises concerns about housing, healthcare, and social support. The report also suggests considering population absorption rates thoughtfully, taking into account broader societal implications.

Canada Immigration News

Top universities ‘will turn away more UK students’ as fees fail to match costs

Elite universities in the United Kingdom are warning that they will increasingly prioritize international applicants over UK students due to frozen tuition fees and rising costs of education. As the number of 18-year-olds in the country grows, leading universities said they won’t be able to meet the demand for places without government intervention. The real value of tuition fees for UK students has significantly decreased, leading to financial challenges for universities and calls for a reevaluation of higher education funding.

The Guardian

Norwegian universities witness sharp drop in non-EEA student enrollment

The introduction of tuition fees at Norwegian universities has led to a significant 45 percent decrease in non-European Education Area (EEA) student enrollment, according to data from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. The decision to charge tuition fees for international students outside Europe was made as part of Norway’s 2023 budget to save on education costs. Despite this change, Norway remains an attractive option for international students, with a recent rise in international student numbers studying in Norway through exchange programs.


Australia’s student housing market witnessed significant growth: Report

The student housing market in Australia has experienced significant growth and is now estimated to be worth AU$10 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17 percent. The report highlights a rising demand for education in the country, resulting in a shortage of affordable student accommodation. However, there is a pressing need for more cost-effective and high-quality student accommodation due to rising rental costs, limited availability of beds, and other factors contributing to the ongoing housing crisis.

Financial Express

Students, including Indians, suing UK universities over COVID disruptions. Here's why

Thousands of University College London students, including many from India, are seeking compensation, claiming their tuition contracts were breached when teaching went online during COVID with restricted access to facilities. They argue that they paid full fees for in-person teaching but received online courses instead. Around 100,000 students from 18 universities have signed up for legal action, but legal experts say proving liability for compensation may be challenging.


6,000 Indian students opted for Ireland as study-abroad destination in 2022; attracted by diverse programmes

Over 6,000 Indian students selected Ireland for its diverse academic programs, academic excellence, and job prospects in 2022. Additionally, Ireland offers post-study work opportunities, enabling graduates to stay and work for up to 24 months without an employment permit, through the Third Level Graduate Scheme. The country’s reputation for quality education and rapid economic growth further contributed to its popularity among Indian students.

Financial Express

More job options for vocational students from overseas

The Immigration Services Agency of Japan plans to expand job opportunities for foreign students graduating from vocational schools, aiming to encourage outstanding foreign students to pursue careers in the country. The agency will revise its guidelines to grant vocational school graduates eligibility for similar employment opportunities as university graduates. This move comes as part of an effort to increase the domestic employment rate of foreign graduates to 60 percent by 2033.

The Asahi Shimbun

Featured Institution - Cape Breton University

Cape Breton University stands as a hub of innovation and thought leadership, fostering a global academic experience and promoting sustainability for Cape Breton Island in Canada. With a diverse community of nearly 7,000 students from over 70 countries, CBU offers a comprehensive range of programs in various fields.


The university is dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning, providing exceptional experiential learning and research opportunities in a supportive academic environment. CBU’s commitment to high-quality education, innovative research, and multicultural enrichment makes it a unique and special place for students and faculty alike.

Cape Breton University

Featured Program - Master of Science in Technology Management

The Master of Science in Technology Management program at Notre Dame de Namur University offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel as technology managers. It emphasizes integrating technology management knowledge with strategic and tactical skills necessary to oversee teams, departments, or technical organizations and enhance organizational performance. 


NDNU is situated in Belmont, CA, in the mid-peninsula region, and serves the greater Bay Area community. The program offers evening classes in eight-week sessions, real-time engagement with instructors and classmates, a blend of in-person and online learning, includes most textbooks at no extra cost, and requires no GMAT for admission. Graduates can expect to enter an industry where the demand for technology managers is projected to grow rapidly through 2029. 

Notre Dame de Namur University

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