International Education Bounces Back Two Years After The Pandemic


Note from the Editor

Several countries have made adjustments to their border controls in order to accommodate students from all over the world who were not able to study personally in their chosen universities. Meanwhile, institutions have developed several initiatives to entice students to pursue their international education aspirations.

Survey: International Students Increasingly Looking to the US to Provide High Quality Education

According to a survey conducted by an educational guidance company, international students, at least most of the respondents, see the United States as a country providing high-quality international education. Seventy percent (70%) of the respondents to be exact, consider the country to offer quality education. The majority of the respondents at 84% are of Vietnamese descent while 81% of them are Indians.

IDP Invites Students to the USA UG Event, Providing Them Foundational Ground for Their Academic and Professional Life
An event in the United States that will strengthen international students’ foundations and understanding of tackling international education. The event will also garner counseling as well as networking opportunities for the prospective student-invitees, allowing them to learn everything from key admission requirements to accommodation needs.

Canada to Develop Permanent Immigration Pathway for International Students

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser hopes to develop another pathway to permanent residency for international students. The minister hopes that the additional pathways will allow international students to be able to stay in Canada and make a lasting contribution beyond their academics. These pathways, as the minister says, look to aid international students in their path to permanent residency and have a more welcoming time in acquiring their residencies.

AHZ Associates Help Over 3,000 Students a Year Access UK University Places

AHZ Associates, a representative of UK Higher Education Providers (HEPs), assists international students on their academic journey to the United Kingdom. The representative has 32 branches globally, including headquarters in London, England. AHZ Associates guides prospective students depending on their career plan, previous qualifications, expectations, affordability, and budget in order to land them in the right institutions.

Alumni Speak: How Education in the UK Enables You to Combine Passion and Profession

Numerous alumni from institutions in the United Kingdom speak about their experiences and how they were able to convert their passion into their careers through international education. One of them was Suheil Farell Tandon, who loves sports. Suheil hails from India, and is now in the sports development field, working with diverse groups of young people, nurturing them and guiding them to be successful in the world of sports.

Trinity College Dublin: New €3.7 Million Project Will Enable Systemic Adaptation to Decarbonised Economy and Sustainable Living

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin are co-leading a new €3.7 million project to enable the innovative and systemic adaptation of enterprise and society to a decarbonized economy and sustainable living. According to the World Economic Forum, the skills required to perform most roles will change by 42% on average by 2022, with new and emerging roles and professions. At this level of disruption, access to skills and talent is one of the top three business threats for CEOs globally. This is particularly urgent in the context of the climate challenge and transition to a low carbon economy.

Australia Offers Visa Relaxations to Students

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission had launched a roadshow in Chandigarh, India, showcasing numerous initiatives introduced by the Australian government to support international students. The commission also launched the Study Australia Industry Immersion Program (SAIEP) for current Indian students to boost their employability skills in universities and featured visa initiatives such as international student visa fee refund and Covid-19 visa fee waiver.

International Student Numbers Inching Up

International students are slowly coming back to Dunedin, New Zealand. 5,000 international students were allowed entry to the country in April on student visas, and those numbers should rise as immigration will be processing all student visa applications in October. Numbers are rising, and the country hopes that it will be able to match the 22,000 full-time international students it had in 2019.

EU Higher Education Systems Have Met 42% of Requirements for Social Inclusivity, Report Shows

The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) had shown that the European higher education institutions in the 27-nation-bloc have scored a total of 635 points out of 1,520 in the Eurydice report. The score reveals that European education systems have implemented almost 42 percent of the policies needed to meet the commitments made to administer social dimension policies.

40 Percent International First-Year Students at Dutch UniversitiesInternational students seem to be enticed by a certain Dutch university, as well as other institutions in the Netherlands. In 2020-2021, more or less 36,020 international students were present in the country, while in 2021-2022, so far, there are over 42,000. The year is just in the first quarter, and the numbers had shown a substantial increase.

Punjabi Students at Closed Canadian Colleges Who Were Studying Remotely Still Struggling for Refunds

Two months after they raised their voice against the sudden closure of three private colleges in Montreal, the Canadian government has provided relief to 1,173 students, mostly from Punjab, who were in Canada on student visas. Another 502 students though, who were studying online from India, have been left in the lurch. These 502 students were given certain stipulations by a Quebec court. At the moment the students cannot, the court said, get a full refund. To be eligible for a refund, they will have to reapply to the same three colleges. If after reapplying, their student visas are refused again for whatever reason, they will not get the fee refund.

Tokyo International University Paves the Path for a Global Future

Japan is quickly emerging as one of the powerhouses of international education, taking on other destinations like the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. As a study destination, Japan offers everything that a student or parent looks for such as scholarship opportunities, work and immigration upon graduation, safety, security and a better quality of life. Students graduating from Japanese universities often receive multiple job offers and the starting salaries are often one of the highest in the world. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world with a very friendly and generous population.

Featured Institution: Solent University

Solent University is committed to providing quality education focused on the practical side which is giving their students the connections, experience, and confidence to turn their knowledge into a career with real, meaningful impact. It is driven by its mission to enable students from all backgrounds to become enterprising citizens and responsible leaders. Solent University stands tall in the heart of Southampton city center which is connected with the rest of the UK.

Featured Program: Master of Business Administration

Edgewood College’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides the students with the critical learning experience they need in building their careers in finance, marketing, human resources, and other managerial positions. Their curriculum is structured around the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard Framework – Financial, Customer, Process and Employee. Students also get the chance to choose three elective courses to gain depth and hone their skills in an area of specialization.


International Education Conferences & Workshops

APAIE Conference & Exhibition

Brave New Realities for Higher Education in the Asia Pacific

Mar. 27–31, 2022; Vancouver, Canada


ICEF Central Asia

Mar. 31–Apr. 1, 2022; Almaty, Kazakhstan


27th Annual Capitol Forum on Hispanic Higher Education

Apr. 5–6, 2022; Virtual Event


ICEF Spanish Education

Apr. 19–21, 2022; Seville, Spain


2022 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting

Cultivating Equitable Education Systems for the 21st Century

Apr. 22–25, 2022; San Diego, United States


THE Innovation and Impact Summit 2022

What Makes a Successful Innovation Climate?

Apr. 26–28, 2022; Stockholm, Sweden


ICEF Toronto

May 13–16, 2022; Toronto, Canada


ICEF French Education

May 17–18, 2022; Montréal, Canada
UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022
May 1820, 2022; Barcelona, Spain


2022 AAC&U Knowledge Exchange Institute

Accelerating STEM Higher Education Reform and Broadening Participation

May 23–27, 2022; Washington, D.C., United States


NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference & Expo

Building Our Sustainable Future

May 31– June 3, 2022; Denver, United States


THE Asia Universities Summit 2022

Facing the Future, Creating Academic Talent

May 31June 2, 2022; Aichi, Japan


2022 Institute on General Education and Assessment

A Virtual Learning Experience

June 710, 2022


AAC&U: 2022 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success

Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Quality, Equity, and Student Engagement

June 1417, 2022; location TBD


ICEF Australia New Zealand

June 1517, 2022; Adelaide, Australia


2022 TIDES Institute

Teaching to Increase Diversity and Equity in STEM (TIDES)

June 1923, 2022; Leesburg, United States


Canada International Conference on Education

Inclusive Education and Research

June 2123, 2022; Mississauga, Canada


2022 Institute on Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) Campus Centers

Expanding TRHT Campus Centers to Dismantle Racial Hierarchies and Build Equitable Communities

June 2124, 2022; location TBD



June 2830, 2022; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


19th IMISCOE Annual Conference

Migration and Time: Temporalities of Mobility, Governance, and Resistance

June 29July 1, 2022; Oslo (Hybrid)


ICEF Virtual Africa

July 1214, 2022; Online


AAC&U Institute: 2022 Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL)

STEM Leadership Institute®

July 1224, 2022; Adamstown, United States


2022 Institute on Integrative Learning and Signature Work

July 1822, 2022; location TBD


ICEF Higher Education

Sep. 1012, 2022; Barcelona, Spain


32nd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition

The Future in Full Colour

Sep. 13–16, 2022; Barcelona, Spain


ICEF Latin America

Sep. 29–Oct. 1, 2022; São Paulo, Brazil


HACU 36th Annual Conference

Championing Hispanic Higher Education Success: Rebuilding a More Resilient and Inclusive America

Oct. 8–10, 2022; San Diego, United States


AAC&U 2022 Conference on Global Learning

Innovative pedagogy and practices to facilitate global learning for all

Oct. 12–14, 2022; Miami, United States


IAU 16th General Conference 2022

Relevance and value of universities to future society

Oct. 2528, 2022; Dublin, Ireland


ICEF Berlin

Oct. 30Nov. 1, 2022; Berlin, Germany


AAC&U 2022 Conference Transforming STEM Higher Education

Accelerating Undergraduate STEM Education Reform

Nov. 35, 2022; Arlington, United States


2022 CIEE Annual Conference

Nov. 8–10, 2022; Seoul, South Korea 


ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2022

Nov. 17–24, 2022; United States


ICEF San Diego

Dec. 1517, 2022; San Diego, United States




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