International Students Continue Their Return to Study Destinations as Governments Offer Considerations

International Students Continue Their Return to Study Destinations as Governments Offer Considerations

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As some governments offer special considerations to students applying for visas to increase international student enrollment, some quarters mull making additional investments in international education to make Canada a more attractive study destination. Apparently, decision-making in the industry has already shifted from purely pandemic concerns to new ways to increase international student enrollment. The new normal beckons.


International Students Return to New York City

After a major financial hit by the pandemic, the industry is showing signs of a rebound. The latest data from the Department of State showed that the number of international students returning to the United States is increasing with 39,352 students making their way to America.


Canada Shifts Focus to Clearing Student Visa Backlog as Many Await Last-Minute Approval

According to Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, the department has been focusing on processing as many work permits as possible to address the country’s labor shortage. Fraser also said they expect to process more than 104,000 additional study permits.

The Economic Times

More Chinese Students Favor UK for Overseas Study

Over the past two years, Chinese students have consistently shown their interest in pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom. The latest data from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service reported that 31,400 students from China have submitted their applications as of the end of June 2022.

China Daily

Government May Cut Health Insurance Rule for International Study Visas

The Irish government, hoping to welcome more international students, has considered dropping the health insurance requirement for 30,000 students. This was an offshoot of complaints received from aspiring international students who deemed the requirement as a roadblock among other challenges such as affordable accommodation and full payment of college fees.

Business Post

Increased Post-Study Work Rights Welcomed by Universities Australia

Universities Australia has rallied behind the government’s move to expand the post-study work rights for international students. Besides addressing the “critical skills shortages,” this initiative is seen to resolve the country’s brain drain. According to the UA, only 16% of Australia’s international students stay to work in the country post-completion of studies.

The Mandarin

PM Jacinda Ardern on COVID-19 Rules, Construction Sector and International Students

Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Adern has expressed optimism about the international education sector in the country. As a popular destination for global learners, NZ has now received 50% of the pre-COVID enrolment numbers. Immigration New Zealand has reopened visa applications for foreign students and numbers are expected to rise for the 2023 academic year.

Radio New Zealand

The Economic Impact When International Students Return Back to Campus

There were around 914,000 international students enrolled in higher education institutions in the United States for the 2020/2021 school year. They had an estimated $28.4-billion contribution to the U.S. economy. From paying tuition fees, accommodation, and transportation to purchasing food and other consumed goods, international students play a vital role in the economic development of countries.

Immigration Impact

Invest $50M in Wage Subsidies for International Students, Says RBC Economics

According to an RBC Economics report, an investment worth somewhere within $50 million in a pilot wage-subsidy program for 7,000 international students in sought-after programs would make Canada a vastly attractive international education destination. The investment may move the needle in welcoming more international students.

Malaysia Is Becoming Hub of Higher Education: Minister

Malaysia Provincial Health Minister Doctor Yasmin Rashid recently stated that it is very promising to see Malaysia and its higher education institutions being active in offering more higher education programs. The provincial health minister said this during the two-day Education Expo organized for international students by the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) and ten higher education institutions in Malaysia.

Business Recorder

Abu Dhabi University Offers Scholarships and Educational Benefits to Outstanding International Students

Abu Dhabi University will grant a total of 100 scholarships to outstanding international students, with recipients being able to pursue an Abu Dhabi Golden Visa. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Abu Dhabi Residents Office executive director Hareb Al Mheiri and Abu Dhabi University chancellor Professor Waqar Ahmad.

Gulf News

Indian Students to the UK Start Getting Priority and Super Priority Visas

Great Britain has now made priority and super priority visas available for students as announced by British Ambassador to India Alex Ellis. Under the Priority Visa service, the UK government decides on the student’s visa application within five days. Under the Super Priority service, the passport can be collected by the end of the next working day after submission of the biometric data.

Business Standard

Medical Students From Ukraine Can Continue in Other Countries: NMC

The National Medical Commission (NMC) issued a notice on Tuesday stating that it has approved the academic mobility program offered by war-torn Ukraine to students in its medical colleges, which allows them to complete their education in other countries. Under Ukraine’s mobility program, the degree will be issued by the parent Ukrainian university, the NMC notice said.

The Indian Express

Featured Institution - Coe College

Coe College is a private liberal arts college located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was founded in 1851 by Rev. Williston Jones as the School of Prophets. In 1875, it was re-established as a Coe College Institute, and in 1881, it became what is known today as the Coe College after a private donation from T.M Sinclair. 


Coe College offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Nursing. It also offers more than 60 areas of study and provides the students the opportunity to create their own major under the guidance of faculty members. Coe aims to remain laser-focused on increasing their value among current and prospective students by providing first-class education, career planning and preparation, while capitalizing on their location and doing continuous campus improvements.

Coe College

Featured Program - Addictions and Community Support Worker Diploma

The Addictions and Community Support Worker Diploma program is a 40-week program with 1,030 hours of training. It prepares a student to become an Addictions and Community Support Worker, ready to manage the administrative responsibilities of a wide variety of social assistance programs and services for individuals addressing addiction and post-addiction strategies.


Students will gain a solid understanding of the social and community services available and be able to describe current models of addiction and treatment including pharmacological concepts and terminology. They will be able to describe addiction and recovery processes and recognize stages of change. Students should complete each course of the program with a final grade of at least 60%.

Taylor Pro College

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