Int’l students in America hold up half the AI sky, CA program poaches high-skill foreigners from US, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

Int’l students in America hold up half the AI sky, CA program poaches high-skill foreigners from US, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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Our top headlines this week paint a picture of coming and going: Almost 50 percent of leading United States-based AI companies have founders who were once foreign students at American universities, while the Canadian government is bent on recruiting high-skilled foreigners working in the US by offering a special work permit for H-1B visa holders.


In the United Kingdom, the government announces changes to its immigration rules, including restrictions on student visas and access to the EU Settlement Scheme. Meanwhile, Poland, Finland, and Norway set and achieve varying targets and outcomes in their internationalization via new or updated policy. 


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Foreign students founded half of US leading AI companies: Study

Almost 50 percent of leading United States-based AI companies had founders who were once foreign students at American institutions, according to a National Foundation for American Policy analysis.  Around 80% of these companies were founded or co-founded by immigrants or their children. The analysis highlights the significant contribution of international students in AI-related STEM fields and emphasizes the importance of recruiting and retaining foreign talent to foster the US’ further growth in the increasingly competitive AI landscape.

MSM Reporter

Canadian government is recruiting high-skilled foreigners in the US to move to Canada instead

The Canadian government has launched a program to recruit high-skilled foreigners working in the US, offering a special work permit for H-1B visa holders. The program’s 10,000 applicant quota was filled within the first day, capitalizing on recent mass layoffs in the US tech sector. The move signals Canada’s effort to attract talented tech workers from the US as the country’s immigration policies and competition for international talent are being closely examined.

ABC News

Statement of changes: UK immigration rules announced

The United Kingdom government has announced changes to its immigration rules, including restrictions on student visas and access to the EU Settlement Scheme. Starting January 2024, international students cannot bring dependents, except for research-based programs. The Surinder Singh and Zambrano routes under the EU Settlement Scheme will close for new applications on August 8. Construction and fishing industry occupations have also been added to the Shortage Occupation List, where foreign nationals applying under these occupational codes will benefit from lower visa fees and salary thresholds.

Morgan Lewis

6,000 Indian students opted for Ireland as study-abroad destination in 2022; attracted by diverse programs

In 2022, over 6,000 Indian students chose Ireland for undergraduate and postgraduate studies due to its diverse programs, collaboration between academia and industry, internships, placements, and research opportunities. The country’s quality education system and rapid economic growth contribute to its popularity among Indian students.  Ireland’s job prospects and the Third Level Graduate Scheme, too, make it an attractive destination for international students.

Financial Express

‘Like their Aussie home’: Foreign student homestays floated to ease housing crunch

Australia is considering encouraging families to rent spare rooms to international students tax-free as a potential solution to relieve housing stress caused by a surge in student arrivals post-COVID. Homestays are seen as a viable option, allowing hosts to take advantage of a little-known tax break. The return of international students has added pressure to the housing market, and while some advocate homestays, others call for greater investment in purpose-built student accommodation and universities taking more responsibility for housing students.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Scam targeting international students in New Zealand, police warn

Police in Auckland are warning international students, particularly those of Chinese origin, about a scam in which scammers pose as officials from an overseas government. The scam involves contacting students online, claiming they or their families are suspected of being involved in serious crimes abroad, and then asking for large sums of money to be transferred to offshore bank accounts.  The police are urging the public to be extremely vigilant with their communications to avoid falling victim to the scam.


Scholarships in US help Afghan women

The Taliban’s return and education restrictions have led to colleges and universities in the United States offering scholarships to Afghan students seeking refuge. Over 60 Afghan women have arrived at Arizona State University and settled in various universities across the country. Efforts to support Afghan students continue with the creation of scholarships and projects, but many young people still need support to continue their education in the US or reach the country from Afghanistan. Women born around the time the Taliban were ousted after the September 11, 2001 attacks grew up attending school and watching as women pursued careers, a freedom that the Taliban’s return recently upended. 

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Charges laid in scam that impacted 700 Indian international students

The Canadian Border Services Agency has charged Brijesh Mishra for defrauding 700 Indian international students by issuing false admission letters from Canadian institutions. Mishra, the head of Education Migration Services in India, charged the students thousands for college admission and visa applications. A special task force announced by immigration minister Sean Fraser will investigate the students, and those found unaware will be issued temporary resident permits to remain in Canada.

CIC News

UK universities prioritize int’l students, British applicants’ admission chances at risk

Leading universities in the UK are expected to prioritize international students and increase their intake to 30 percent this fall, potentially impacting middle-class British students’ chances of admission. The shift is attributed to the financial benefits of higher fees paid by international students during an inflation era. Critics argue that this move may displace British students in favor of international ones. Almost 80 percent of the country’s universities have reported an increase in international students since the 2016-17 academic year.


Over 105,000 foreign students studying in Poland: Report

The number of foreign students studying in Poland has significantly increased, with over 105,000 currently enrolled, representing an internationalization rate of 8.7 percent. The largest group of foreign students comes from Ukraine, followed by Belarus and Turkey. These students contribute to Poland’s academic landscape, bringing talent, new skills, and a multicultural atmosphere. Popular fields include management, computer science, and medicine, with the majority studying in Polish or English.

TVP World

Finland wants 15,000 international students, 30,000 workers a year by 2030

Finland aims to attract 15,000 international students by 2030 and increase work-based migration to 30,000 annually to address its aging population and labor market needs. The country sees India as a focus for partnerships as Finland’s industries, including IT, healthcare, and manufacturing seek skilled international workers in high-tech fields like AI, cybersecurity, and biotech. The European country highlights India’s growing young population, “a lot of untapped talent,” and Finland’s own “excellent “experiences with Indian students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals.”

Economic Times

Norway sees the number of new non-European foreign students half

The introduction of tuition for foreign students from outside Europe studying at Norwegian public universities has led to a significant decline in applicants. The number of non-EEA students applying for study visas in Norway has fallen by 45 percent since the fees were implemented. The government says it already expected this decrease and believes it will save over a billion kroner annually with this policy change. Norway does not offer scholarship schemes for international students but is mulling over introducing scholarship schemes in the future.

The Local

Featured Institution - Capilano University

Capilano University is a globally diverse institution with around 11,600 annual enrolments, offering for-credit programs to 8,300 students and non-credit courses to 3,300 students. Situated on the ancestral lands of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, Musqueam, Lil’wat, and Sechelt (shíshálh) Nations, the university is dedicated to truth and reconciliation through indigenization and decolonization principles. 


CapU prioritizes individual attention and personalized learning to support and challenge students throughout their academic journey. Emphasizing collaboration, authenticity, and belonging, the university fosters a culture of innovation fueled by curiosity and imagination. Furthermore, CapU actively promotes health and wellness by providing comprehensive support services and strives for transparency, sustainability, and trust to create a vibrant and empowered community.

Capilano University

Featured Program - Business Administration

Coe College’s Business Administration course offers students a personalized and supportive learning environment with small class sizes and accessible faculty. The program’s flexibility allows for double majors within the department or with other departments on campus, along with the option to specialize in management, marketing, or sports management. 


Students can benefit from real-world experiences through internships at numerous organizations in Cedar Rapids and participate in unique off-campus programs domestically and internationally. Graduates of the program have been successful in pursuing advanced degrees in prestigious institutions, demonstrating the course’s strong academic foundation and practical relevance to future careers.

Coe College

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