Scholarships are Being Offered to Attract International Students

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This news tells us how the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) funded universities to offer scholarships to attract international students. This program aims to provide financial assistance to international students in pursuing their studies and being what they want to be in the future.


Ellis Raises $5.6M to Pave the Way for International Students

Ellis was founded by Sampei Omichi, who moved to the U.S. in 2017 to attend college, before working at fintech River Financial. Omichi told TechCrunch he founded Ellis because “what many fail to realize is that college campuses are the modern-day Ellis Islands for high-skilled immigrants and entrepreneurs in the U.S.” Some examples of former international students include Elon Musk, Satya Nadella, and Sundar Pichai. Almost anyone who has moved to a new country knows that setting up the basics, like a bank account, is the hardest task to do. That’s why Ellis was created for international students planning to study in the U.S. Before they arrive, they can open a debit account with Ellis’ neobank and sign up for a 5G cellphone plan, too. The startup is also working on a product to be a co-signer on leases.


Most U.S. College Grads Don’t Work in the Field They Studied

A quarter of grads over the age of 25 make less than $35,000 a year, with many close to the poverty level. With student-loan debts ballooning, American parents may be debating whether or not a college degree is worth the five-, sometimes six-figure price tag. The disparity between fields is stark. Nearly 40% of the business, engineering, biomedical science, and computer science majors earned more than $90,000 annually, while more than 40% of social science, communication, education, and art majors earn less than $45,000. The survey, done in late March, polled 1,000 Americans over the age of 25 with either a four-year or postgraduate degree.


African Students Face Higher Financial Burden and Lower Acceptance Rates to Study in Canada

Implicit bias identified in the IRCC report could be influencing study permit approval rates. When Gideon Christian left Lagos, Nigeria, in 2005, Canada was only a footnote on the way to his final destination. “I was actually on my way to study in the U.S., but I had a brief stopover in Canada, in Waterloo, for a two-week summer program at Wilfrid Laurier University,” he said over the phone. That “amazing” two-week stay impressed Christian so much, that he decided Canada was the country for him. Ten months later, he left Pittsburgh for the University of Ottawa, where he completed his master’s degree and a doctorate in law.

CBC News


How to Immigrate to Canada from Pakistan

There are a number of ways to move to Canada depending on your circumstances in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the top source countries of new immigrants to Canada. In 2021, more than 8,400 Pakistan citizens moved to Canada, making it the tenth-largest source country overall. It is also in the top 20 source countries of international students about 3,400 came to Canada in 2021. In 2020, Pakistan was the fourth leading country of citizenship for invited Express Entry candidates. Further, the latest available census data indicates there are about 202,000 Canadians with Pakistani ancestry.

CIC News

Tony Blair Calls for a Drastic Increase of Young People in Higher Education

Tony Blair will call for a dramatic increase in the proportion of young people progressing into higher education (HE) over the next two decades to tackle the country’s productivity crisis. In a report due to be published later this week, the former prime minister will recommend that by 2040 as many as 70% of young people should go into HE, potentially increasing economic growth by nearly 5% over the next generation. Blair’s proposal, which builds on the 50% target he set when in government, is a challenge to the current administration, which – the report notes – appears “increasingly skeptical” about the value of HE.

The Guardian

When Education Collides with The Metaverse

With the recent advancements and the world becoming more digital than ever, there’s no doubt that the metaverse would soon impact the education sector. The pandemic has taken a huge toll on schools, colleges, and universities, leading students to adapt to online learning through Teams, Zoom, Google Classroom, etc. But is this the most effective way of learning… Or does the metaverse offer more possibilities to enhance students learning? With Mark Zuckerberg changing the formerly known Facebook to ‘Meta’ there has been lots of hype around the buzzword… Metaverse. Yet, what does it mean? a quick Google search would tell you that – ‘the metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.’

FE News

Six Ways Covid-19 will Reshape Education

As teacher union conferences are held, many want to retain gains made during pandemics. Covid-19 has transformed education in Ireland. Things that were once deemed too expensive or impractical became possible overnight: class sizes fell to reduce overcrowding and limit the spread of the virus, alternatives to the Leaving Cert were introduced as emergency measures, teachers assessed their own students, online learning took off, more teachers were employed to cover staff absences, cleaning budgets were put in place and more money was made available to schools and third-level institutions.

The Irish Times

Sydney Startup Canopy Raises $1.1M for AI-Driven Education Platform

Sydney-based tech startup Canopy Study has raised $1.1 million in seed funding to grow its AI-driven learning platform that seeks to personalize learning materials for students and cut down busywork for teachers. Founded in 2020, the company’s data-driven platform uses proprietary algorithms to convert coursework and curriculum data into learning resources. Data can be transformed into tests, quizzes, and flashcards in a matter of minutes, giving educators back valuable time to devote directly to in-person learning with students. Learning resources can also adapt to students’ unique learning styles and model optimized learning patterns.

Smart Company

International Postgraduate Students are Treated Like a Massive Drain on Society

Faye White fell in love with Aotearoa so much on a working holiday that she invested more than $100,000 on international student fees to learn how to protect it. New Zealand is her home now, and the “outstanding scholar” plans to continue work to mitigate the effects of climate change and sea-level rise on coastal communities. She paid taxes while working throughout her studies, and the Government invested a $50,000 scholarship on her research, but that same Government’s immigration policy has made White and other postgraduate students the lowest priority, she says.


Competency-Based Education: Balance Soft and Hard Skills

Technology-focused universities in Africa have been urged to adopt competency-based teaching and learning practices that integrate theoretical discipline-specific knowledge, practical technical skills, and positive workplace attitudes that would improve students’ employability in the current and future job market and stimulate continuous learning. The call was made by Dr. Jiri Vilppola, a senior lecturer of educational psychology at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland, when he addressed an international workshop held from 21-24 March by the Technological Higher Education Network South Africa (THENSA).

University World News

Institutes Offer Scholarships to Attract International Students

To improve the international rankings and boost the enrolment of international students, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has recently announced the Institute of Eminence (IoE) funded scholarship for international students. The initiative will encourage the international students and deal with the limited scholarship offered by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) that is offered to the international students seeking admission at Indian institutes. BHU has announced a scholarship under which the foreign students will receive Rs6000 per month. The scholarship will be managed by the IoE funds allocated to the university.

The Times of India

US Universities Lead in 28 of 51 Subjects Ranked by QS

In terms of the number of the world’s top-10 programs, the United States dominates this year’s QS World University Rankings by Subject with 239, followed by the United Kingdom with 131, Switzerland (31), Singapore (23), Canada (19), Netherlands (15), Australia (13), Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) (7), France and Italy (6 each) and China (mainland) with 4. The 12th edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject, released on 6 April by international higher education analysts QS Quacquarelli Symonds, names the world’s top universities for the study of 51 academic disciplines and five broad faculty areas.

University World News

Featured University - Glasgow Caledonian New York College

Glasgow Caledonian New York College in New York’s College for the common goods. Their three Master of Science degrees examines fashion, business, and risk management through the lenses of social impact and sustainability. GCNYC shares a commitment to profitability, the planet, and people with a tight-knit and smaller community of faculty, staff, and students. Located in the heart of historic Soho, in a gallery-Esque and newly renovated space that serves as a vibrant hub for industry professionals motivated by the common goods. GCNYC is a candidate for accreditation by the Middle States Commission for higher education and chartered by the New York State Department of Education.


Featured Program - Business Administration (BBA)

The Business Administration (BBA) offers both a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals and the opportunity to pursue your choice of specialization. Working closely with your professors, you can major in accounting, business technology management, employment relations, entrepreneurship, finance and marketing. You have the opportunity to expand and apply your classroom learning through co-op placements and projects with local enterprises. Graduate students have secured careers with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations like IBM, Delloite, Royal Bank of Canada etc. or have gone on to start their own successful ventures.

Acadia University

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