Trudeau defends high int’l tuition, foreign students in Scotland face homelessness, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

Trudeau defends high int’l tuition, foreign students in Scotland face homelessness, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the high international tuition issue, stating that the government’s priority is accessible education for Canadian citizens and that the economic uncertainty led to the increase in tuition. 


In Scotland, over 20 percent of international students struggle with homelessness due to the exorbitant rates and scarcity of available accommodation. The government promised it’s taking appropriate actions to tackle the student housing crisis.


These and more key developments from the United States, Australia, Netherlands, and Japan in this edition of MSM Reporter.


United States to issue over a million H-1B visas, students visas to Indians this year

The United States plans to work towards releasing over a million visas to Indians this year, with Indian professionals receiving the majority of H-1B visas, followed by students and tourists. US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donald Lu stated that the Biden Administration is committed to expediting these visas and will be focusing on issuing student visas before the fall semester. Apart from the H-1B visas, the administration will also be working on issuing and approving student visas as soon as possible, preferably before the fall semester kicks off. 

Times Now

Trudeau defends high international tuition at Fanshawe student town hall

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses the rising cost of living, trades-related jobs, and the increasing international tuition rates during a recent town hall at Fanshawe College. International student tuition climbed by about $10,000 since 2018, with students paying approximately $36,100 and Canadian students spending about $6,800. Trudeau explained that the government is prioritizing accessible education for Canadian citizens, and that the increase in tuition for international students is due to economic uncertainty and competitiveness for limited spots.

The Gazette

Fifth of international students in Scotland face homelessness – Report

More than a fifth of international students in Scotland have experienced homelessness, a survey conducted by the National Union of Students Scotland reveals. In response, the NUS called for a student housing guarantee, with the Scottish government stating that it is trying to enhance access to student housing. Universities Scotland highlighted that students are being squeezed out of the private rented sector. Last year, BBC reported on students who begged letting agents to accept their bids on flats amid a major accommodation crisis while some resort to hostels and sleeping on common room floors.


Netherlands wants fewer international students at universities

The Dutch government is considering measures to limit the number of international students in the country as universities run out of space. The number of international students in Dutch higher education expanded dramatically over the last seven years, with 115,000 students recorded in 2022. In addition, international students make up approximately 40 percent of new students at Dutch universities. To address the issue, the government is exploring the implementation of an “emergency capacity limit” that would prohibit students from outside the European Union.

BNN Bloomberg

Cost of living: International students at risk of getting scammed due to financial pressures

Due to shortages in accommodation in Ireland, international students are increasingly falling prey to targeted scams, according to Laura Harmon, executive director of the Irish Council for International Students. Harmon emphasized how international students substantially contribute to the Irish economy with their fees. Nonetheless, they are currently experiencing additional high living cost burdens and the ongoing housing crisis in the country.

Dublin Live

Australian university denies ban on applications from Indian students

The University of Wollongong in Australia has belied reports of restricting applications from Indian students or prioritizing one region of India over another because of fraudulent applications. In response to fraudulent applications, five universities reportedly imposed a ban on students from several Indian states. UOW guarantees that it has not placed any ban or restriction on Indian students or from any specific Indian regions or states. Australian newspapers previously reported that UOW has been putting students from the Indian subcontinent and some other countries like Lebanon and Nigeria through a “genuine temporary entrant” test.

The Economic Times

Not engineering, Indian students prefer studying this in US

Indian students pursuing higher education in the US have shifted their focus from engineering to physical sciences such as physics, chemistry, and earth sciences. The percentage of Indian candidates interested in engineering programs dropped from 34 percent to 17 percent while those interested in physical sciences have risen from 27 percent to 37 percent. Additionally, there has been a decrease in the number of Indian students pursuing life sciences. This shift is attributed to several factors including job security, interdisciplinary studies, and increasing layoffs in the engineering sector. 


Indian consultant at the center of bogus college admission scandal will be called to testify in Canada

An Indian education consultant is set to appear as a witness in a Canadian admissibility hearing related to an international student who allegedly used a fake letter of admission to gain entry to the country illegally. Several students, who arrived from India in 2017, are facing immigration claims after using allegedly fake letters of admission provided by Brijesh Mishra, owner of the EMSA consultancy in Jalandhar, to gain visas for study in Canada. The students argue they did not realize the letters were forged. If convicted, they will be stripped of their visas and face deportation.

Toronto Star

Bengaluru conman cheats 104 international students, nabbed

A scammer has been arrested in Bengaluru, India, for reportedly victimizing over 100 foreign students seeking admission to colleges in the city. The accused, Sameer Khan or Sameer, was reported to fraudulently represent himself as the owner of a private college and offered the students admissions to various degree and language courses. He also provided them with certificates, which students could use as supporting documents when applying for visas. It was only after their arrival in the city that the 104 students, the majority of which were from Yemen, discovered they had been conned. 

The New Indian Express

Foreign students flock to Global South for jobs, low fees

UNESCO reports a sharp rise in the number of foreign students in the global south emerging economies such as Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, and India in the past 20 years. The US still leads in the number of foreign students, while the middle-income countries’ share has increased by 6 percent. Many students from developing nations are choosing to study in regional hubs due to the lower tuition and growing job opportunities. Argentina saw 120,000 foreign students in 2020 as Buenos Aires ranked 23rd in the 2023 Best Student Cities ranking.

Nikkei Asia

Growing efforts to help foreign students find jobs in Japan

Japanese universities are developing programs to help international students find employment in domestic companies. This is aimed at helping the foreign learners to overcome the challenges they face, such as language barriers and country-specific job-hunting activities. The move is expected to benefit Japanese companies, which are currently facing a shortage of skilled workers, as well as help to reinvigorate local economies.

The Japan News

39 foreign students evacuated from Sudan amid bloody civil war

The governments of various countries are evacuating their citizens from Sudan, with Kenya, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia having already evacuated some of their students. The Kenyan Defense Minister confirmed that more Kenyans are expected to be airlifted from the conflict-ridden country. The Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister expressed his gratitude to countries that allowed Kenyans to cross the border and gave permission to fly across their airspace. 

Fox News

Featured Institution - Hawai’i University

Hawai‘i Pacific University is a diverse learning community located in the culturally rich environment of Hawaii offering American-style education rooted in liberal arts education to international students from all over the world. Driven by their values in upholding spiritual, ethical, and philosophical principles that support and guide their actions, it actively prepares international students from all over the world to be members of a global society by offering American-style education rooted in liberal arts. Its highly personalized and student-centered approach provides innovative educational programs, enabling graduates to make a positive impact in their workplaces and communities. 

Hawai’i University

Featured Program - Global Master of Business Administration Degree

Solent University’s MBA program equips students with a broad range of modern business experiences, enabling them to interact with business and examine actual-world scenarios and issues. The program facilitates leadership growth through professional mentoring and cooperation with the Chartered Management Institute. The Business School at Solent University has a comprehensive business expertise at senior levels, guaranteeing a current emphasis on contemporary business difficulties. Upon graduation, students will have the skills to evaluate and devise strategies for business problems as well as the chance to gain Chartered Manager status.

Solent University

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