UK-AU Academic Ties, NZ Reopening, Plight of Ukrainian Global Learners, and More on Intl Ed

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Further developments are experienced in the international education sector around the world amid uncertainties. The strengthening of academic ties between the United Kingdom and Australia is just one of these. In New Zealand, aspiring and fully-vaccinated global learners who want to study in the country may soon experience softened restrictions. Meanwhile, Ukrainian international students in London are making efforts to help raise awareness amid the growing tensions in their home country.

Three Things International Student-Athletes Should Know
Playing sports at a U.S. school can bring greater exposure and opportunity, but there are also some important visa-related restrictions for international student-athletes to keep in mind. First, they can gain a large following by being on nationally-known college teams. Second, the compensation for name, image, or likeness (NIL) can put them at risk. Lastly, compensation opportunities may exist in their home countries.
Here’s How Pandemic Learning Affects New International Students on P.E.I.
Students in Prince Edward Island (PEI) are adjusting and have different takes on how their education is going in these pandemic-struck times. Some are thankful for the flexibility of virtual classes, while others appreciate the in-person interactions. But all things considered, students must receive the necessary academic and non-academic support despite uncertainties.


Leading Universities in Australia & UK Pledge To Strengthen Academic Ties 
The leading research-intensive universities in Australia and the United Kingdom have pledged a commitment to strengthen academic ties. In a joint letter sent to foreign and trade ministers in two countries, the Group of Eight (representing top unis in Australia) and the Russell Group (representing 24 leading UK unis) said that they are planning to establish a new committee that will look at opportunities to increase research collaboration, boost trade and investment, as well as support the economic growth.
‘I Am So Proud to Be in Ireland Where My Family and I Are Part of the Community’
A former international student had shared his triumphant story of studying and working in Ireland. From commuting between Dublin and his family’s lodging in Limerick, working his way up in a then part-time job in a restaurant that helped him secure a work visa, to now overseeing around 200 employees for the same restaurant, Sana Muhammad is now an inspiration to aspiring global learners.
Thousands of International Students To Be Allowed Back Into WA
Thousands of international students are now allowed to go back and continue their studies in Western Australia (WA) after being previously blocked due to COVID-19 restrictions. The state government announced to allow up to 6,000 people enrolled to study and to attend universities and other schools. The students will be able to enter WA either directly through Perth within the Australian government’s capacity limits for international travelers or through another state. They will also need to undertake seven days of self-quarantine on arrival as a state protocol.
New Zealand Border Reopening: Your Questions Answered
Prime Minister Jacinda Adern recently announced a five-step plan to reopen New Zealand to vaccinated travelers, including student visa holders. The eased border control includes allowing vaccinated travelers who arrived in the country to self-isolate instead of spending time in a state-mandated MIQ or managed isolation and quarantine site. Foreigners who are on offshore temporary work and student visas, as well as NZ students who will travel overseas, will be able to self-isolate from 11:59 pm April 12 upon entry or return to the country.
To Become the Doctor She Wants To Be, Raleigh Native Is Going to Med School in Cuba
Joyce Malanda, an international student from Southeast Raleigh, wants to be a doctor who cares for the people in the place where she grew up. To be the doctor that she wants to be, Malanda has chosen to go to medical school in Cuba. This winter, she’ll become the first North Carolina resident to attend the Latin American School of Medicine outside Havana. She won’t be the only American there, despite the long-standing tense relations between the United States and Cuba, highlighted by the 60-year U.S. trade embargo.

Canada Is Sitting Over an Immigration Backlog of Almost 2 Million Applications

A total of 1,815,628 applications for Canada visas are pending approval, up 0.1% from December 2021. Given the tremendous backlog, Minister Sean Fraser had announced that the country is to make 147,000 permanent residency decisions in the first quarter of 2022, which would surely add to the rise in Canada’s population. Canada was home to 37 million people in 2021, up 5.2% from 2016, which made Canada the fastest-growing G7 country according to Statistics Canada’s Census 2021 release.

‘I’m Very Worried’: London’s Ukrainian Students on the Crisis Back Home

Ukrainian international students in London have expressed their concerns about the tensions happening in their home country due to the growing presence of the Russian military since 2014. Though some of the global learners confessed that their anxieties have affected how they focus on academic duties and part-time work, many Ukrainian students are making efforts to support their community back home. Amid the uncertainties, a Ukrainian student society in an HEI in London has been organizing initiatives to raise awareness of Ukrainian culture, values, politics, and economics.

International College Students: Challenges and Solutions

In an article by an esteemed professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, the challenges faced by international college students were discussed. Among the difficulties mentioned were academic challenges, financial stresses, and discrimination, among other things. Talking with fellow international students, seeking family support, and welcoming diversity are just three of the recommended solutions.

Two Years Into Pandemic, International Programs Continue Despite Obstacles for Students

In Seoul, South Korea, recent data showed that little change in demand happened despite the pandemic-induced restrictions. According to figures from Korean Education Development Institute, there was a total of 152,281 students who came to South Korea to study last year. This was a slight decrease from 2020, where numbers stood at 153,695. In 2019, the East Asian country received 160,165 global learners, which is its record high since 2005.

Scholarships Key To Attend College Abroad

In Tokyo, Japan, the Yanai Tadashi Foundation has been offering scholarships so that Japanese students can enroll in higher education institutions in the United States and in the United Kingdom. A university official in Tokyo encourages Japanese students in middle and high school to pursue post-secondary education in a foreign country so that they can “view multiple cultures from a neutral standpoint.” He added that such skill is important especially when companies around the world are no longer just looking for professionals who are bilingual or trilingual, but those who are ‘bicultural’ or ‘tricultural.’

Featured Institution: The University of The West of England (UWE Bristol)

The University of the West of England (UWE) is located in and around Bristol, England as a public research university. UWE Bristol is made up of several campuses in Greater Bristol, and the Frenchay Campus is their largest campus in terms of student numbers. Glenside and Frenchay Campuses are the home of most of the faculty of health and applied sciences, Hartpury Campus provides training in agriculture and conservation, animal sciences, equine, and sport. In 2018, UWE Bristol received a gold award from the Teaching Excellence Framework. UWE Bristol also offers different variety of accommodations such as on-campus, within the city, or through private accommodations.

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Featured Program: Bachelor of Education (BEd) program

All over the world, education is considered an essential role in society – and teaching is one of Acadia University’s most respected and noble professions. Acadia University’s full-time Bachelor of Education (BEd) program is offered in either a 16-month-consecutive or a traditional two-year format. It offers rigorous training to provide you with the broad skill-set needed to teach young children, or the subject-specific expertise required to help students attain more advanced levels of education. Beyond the classroom, education careers are available in research, administration, management, and counseling roles. Society will always need teachers and those with the skills that an education degree provides, so no matter the economic climate, training as a teacher will render you highly employable.


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Education, Learning, Teaching, e-Learning, English Language Teaching (ELT) and Foreign Language Teaching (FLT).
February 25–27, 2022, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Reunited & Ready to Revolutionize: Embracing the Future of International Education
March 3-7, 2022, New Orleans, United States
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February 21-23, 2022, New Orleans, Los Angeles
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Chelsea Football Stadium, London, United Kingdom
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March 24 to 26, 2022 (Online)
March 27 to 31, 2022 in Vancouver, Canada
May 18 to 20, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain
Building Our Sustainable Future
May 31 to June 3, 2022 in Denver, Colorado, USA
Facing the Future, Creating Academic Talent
May 31-June 2, 2022, Aichi, Japan
Inclusive Education and Research
June 21-23, 2022, Mississauga, Canada
September 13 to 16, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2022, Dublin, Ireland


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