UK plans to curb visa rules for foreign students’ families, Canadian federal govt is turning away too many international students in Quebec and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

UK plans to curb visa rules for foreign students’ families, Canadian federal govt is turning away too many international students in Quebec and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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New immigration restrictions are being considered by the United Kingdom government as it plans to enact a rule that prohibits the majority of foreign students from taking their families into the nation.  


In Canada, the federal government is turning away a large number of international students admitted by universities in Quebec. Nearly half of applicants accepted who meet all standards have their study permits denied, which is contrary to the government’s goals.


All these and more key developments from the United States, Australia, Ireland and Czechia in this week’s edition of MSM Reporter.


Higher education braces for the worst in debt ceiling fight

Colleges and universities are preparing for the potential consequences of a US debt ceiling default, which could cut off funding and student aid. Negotiations between President Biden and Republicans have been productive but still not enough to produce an agreement. If a deal is not reached, the US is expected to default by the beginning of June and could lead to a global recession. Colleges are hoping for a short-term default, but a longer-term default could lead to major disruptions in federal student aid and potentially cut off funding for tuition, rent, insurance, transportation, and food.

The Hill

Deportation order over bogus college admission letter could set precedent: Lawyers

An Edmonton woman is in danger of being expelled from Canada after it was determined that the college admittance letter she used to gain access to the country five years ago was fake.  The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada has decided to deport her by May 29 despite the fact that she is unaware of the letter’s veracity. According to lawyers and activists, this decision will likely have significant repercussions for many international students in Canada who allegedly received similar fake admission letters from the same Indian education agent, raising questions about the accountability of border and immigration authorities.

CTV News

International students boost UK economy with £42 billion: New research unveils remarkable impact

International students contributed £42 billion in the UK economy in the 2021-22 academic year, according to the London Economics study. The research further indicates a notable 34 percent increase in economic benefits from international students studying at UK universities over the past three years, rising from £31.3 billion in 2018-19 to £41.9 billion in 2021-22. Moreover, the analysis dubbed “The benefits and costs of international higher education students to the UK” reveals that each EU-domiciled student has a net economic impact of £125,000, whereas each non-EU student has a net economic impact of £96,000.


What makes Ireland the next big study abroad destination for Indian students?

Ireland has become a popular destination for international students, particularly those from India, as its enrollment of international students increased dramatically during the 2021-22 academic year. The number of international students enrolled in Irish institutions increased by 20 percent, reaching over 30,400 individuals. Notably, approximately 4,000 of these students were from India, representing a 14-fold increase in the number of Indian students since 2010. This increase in prominence can be attributed to Ireland’s excellent education system, inclusive culture, and abundance of career opportunities.

India Today

‘At the brink’: International students in Australia are ending up homeless and hungry

According to a recent Monash University assessment, Melbourne’s high cost of living, transportation costs, and difficulty juggling employment and school obligations present substantial difficulties for overseas students. The poll of more than 60 students found that over half of them experience food insecurity, which is three times greater than the general population. Melbourne is home to 182,000 international students, who make up nearly 40 percent of Victoria’s university population. The report emphasizes the critical need for additional assistance to lessen the struggles these students encounter because they are frequently viewed as income sources rather than as unique people.

The Guardian

Black lawmakers in Texas criticize bill that seeks to ban DEI offices in higher education

The Texas House passed a bill that would ban diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at public colleges and universities. Black leaders say this will halt progress, stifle future research funding, and send a negative message to minority groups. Similar laws have been passed in other states like Florida and North Dakota. The bill’s author, Sen. Brandon Creighton, has described DEI offices as “divisive” and said their work has made no progress on advancing or increasing diversity. The law is being seen as a target among conservative politicians.


The federal government is turning away too many international students in Quebec: Report

In response to worries that they might not return to their home countries after completing their studies, the federal government is turning away a large number of international students admitted by Quebec universities, according to research by the Institut du Québec (IDQ). Nearly half of applicants accepted to Quebec universities who meet all standards have their study permits denied, which is contrary to the government’s goals. Nearly 72 percent of African candidates will be rejected by the federal government in 2022 despite being admitted to a Quebec university, which is a much greater rejection percentage than other applicants.

CTV News

What are the UK’s new immigration rules for international students?

The UK government intends to enact new immigration laws that will prohibit the majority of foreign students from bringing their families to the nation. PhD students won’t be allowed to bring their partners or kids for the 24 months following the completion of their studies, unlike master’s students. Official data that will soon be made public may reveal that net migration has increased to one million, partly as a result of an increase in international students and the families they support. Additional immigration restrictions are likely, along with confirmation of the revised guidelines for overseas students. The Migration Advisory Committee advises keeping abroad students’ post-graduation employment to no more than two years.

Evening Standard

Canada calling: Indian students face acute unemployment amid affordability crisis; Desis in Calgary could tilt political scales

Long lines of Indian foreign students and graduates at a job fair were made public by a viral video from Kitchener, Canada, which also raised attention to the growing problem of international students’ unemployment in Canada. Similar stories are coming out of different regions of the country about this incident, which has received millions of views on social media. Even though foreign students must deposit at least $10,000 in a reimbursable Guaranteed Investment Certificate in addition to paying hefty tuition costs, Canadian universities and their representatives frequently ignore this issue during education fairs in India.

The Indian Express

English universities warned they are ‘at risk’ if they rely on Chinese students

The UK’s higher education regulator, the Office for Students, has cautioned universities about relying heavily on fee income from Chinese students due to strained relations between the two governments. This could lead to a sudden loss in fee income if the supply of Chinese students is disrupted. The OfS has requested contingency plans from 23 universities with high numbers of Chinese students to prepare for such a scenario. While international students bring significant benefits, there are concerns that universities have become over reliant on their fee for income, prompting the need for credible contingency plans. 


International student rages about ‘unfair treatment’ in Australia

Singaporean international student Jamie Wu has criticized the treatment of international students in Australia regarding job opportunities. Wu accused universities of prioritizing financial gain over student education and expressed frustration with the challenges of obtaining paid internships. She called for employers to openly disclose their preference for local students. Yeganeh Soltanpour, President of the Council of International Students Australia, acknowledged the existing discrimination faced by international students in the job market.

Yahoo! News

Czechia registers record-high number of international students

Czechia is becoming increasingly popular for international students with over 55,000 foreigners studying in the country in 2022, almost double the figure from 2002. Slovaks make up the largest demographic group, followed by students from Russia, Ukraine and India. The number of students studying natural sciences, IT, education and healthcare is rising, while interest in technical and social sciences is decreasing. The increase in foreign students is being attributed to better affordability, rising living standards, more job opportunities and improved educational quality.

Featured Institution - Mount Allison University

Located in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada, Mount Allison University is a renowned liberal arts and sciences institution. It has been hailed by Maclean’s magazine as 2023 top undergraduate university in Canada. The university provides a flexible education and diverse hands-on learning opportunities, resulting in 56 of its graduates receiving prestigious Rhodes Scholarships. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1, Mount Allison offers over 50 programs and 7 degrees. Its athletic teams, known as the Mounties, include more than 240 varsity athletes participating in 9 sports. The university has been at the forefront of supporting students with learning disabilities and holds the distinction of being the first university in the British Empire to confer a Bachelor’s degree upon a woman.

Mount Allison University

Featured Program - Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program - Associate in Business DTA/MRP

Spokane Falls Community College provides a Business program known as the Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program. This program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business. It encompasses a comprehensive curriculum that includes general education prerequisites along with introductory and intermediate-level business courses like economics, accounting, and business law. By completing this program, students acquire a solid foundation that serves as a stepping stone towards a bachelor’s degree in business. Additionally, the program prepares students for diverse career opportunities in fields such as business administration, accounting, management, marketing, and other related areas.

Community Colleges of Spokane

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