US, India firms up bilateral ties through intl ed, housing issues risks student visa approvals in Canada, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

US, India firms up bilateral ties through intl ed, housing issues risks student visa approvals in Canada, and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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In the United States, the State Department launched a program at American universities for the benefit of Indian students. It unveiled a one-year master’s degree centered on fields that include artificial intelligence, wireless technology, and cyber security. The initiative is intended to strengthen educational ties between the nations.


In Canada, the government is considering plans to put a cap on foreign student visas in order to address the aggravating housing shortage, according to new Housing Minister Sean Fraser. This was amid the opposition’s claim that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not doing enough to resolve the housing crisis.


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US offers Indian students unique one-year master's programme

The State Department of the United States has unveiled a unique one-year master’s program in American universities for Indian students, tailored to India’s New Education Policy (NEP). Focused on fields like AI, wireless technology, and cyber security, the program aims to bolster bilateral relations while aligning with NEP’s objectives. This condensed curriculum allows swift entry into industry roles, with a three-year stay-back option for work experience and loan repayment. Collaborative efforts between Indian and American universities ensure students are well-prepared. The initiative not only cements global education commitment but also positions the US as a premier education destination.

Times of Asia

Canada considering foreign student visa cap to address housing shortage

Canada weighs capping foreign student visas amid surging numbers aggravating housing pressures, says Housing Minister Sean Fraser. Active visas soared from 275,000 (2012) to 800,000 (2022). Concerns over housing market strain prompt visa limit considerations. Fraser, once immigration minister, cites explosive growth in temporary immigration programs. No final decision has been made yet. The Conservative Party criticizes Trudeau’s housing efforts. Canada aims to welcome 500,000 permanent residents in 2025, dismissing visa limits as a remedy.


UCAS Chief: UK must offer welcoming environment to int’l students or lose them to Australia, Canada & US

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) Chief Clare Marchant urges the UK to foster a welcoming environment for global students, warning of competition from Australia, Canada, and the US. Having a total of 679,970 international students at UK universities in 2021-22, and 463,315 study visas issued, Marchant stresses the need for inclusivity. Some British universities favor international applicants due to economic benefits, potentially affecting domestic admissions. These institutions aim to counter financial losses, as international students contribute significantly to revenues. Efforts to prioritize access for disadvantaged backgrounds add another layer to the complex landscape of UK higher education.


Colleges could recruit using generative AI

Colleges in the United States are exploring the utilization of generative AI for student recruitment. Spearheaded by Himanshu Barthwal, CEO of Admission Overseas, an inventive startup, this platform empowers international student recruiters with predictive capabilities. By assessing a student’s profile, the AI tool can predict the institutions that suit a foreign student’s needs academically and financially, streamlining the decision-making process.

Voice of America

Higher education market share, size and forecast to 2030

A comprehensive analysis of the Higher Education market reveals a projected annual growth rate between 2023 and 2030. Key players such as Cisco Systems Inc., IBM, and Oracle Corporation are poised to drive market dynamics. The study underscores substantial growth across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America as well as in the Middle East and Africa. This market’s potential aligns with students’ optimism about education’s impact on career trajectories. A recent survey shows that attending university resonates positively, with three in four students crediting it to securing their ideal jobs. First-generation students enjoy higher starting salaries than degree-holder peers. This research underscores the enduring value of higher education in enhancing job prospects, income, and societal mobility.

Digital Journal

Indian students spending one semester in France eligible for Schengen visa

Indian students aiming to study in France receive a boost as a joint initiative between Indian and French governments, by introducing a Schengen visa eligibility opportunity. Following completion of one semester in France, students with postgraduate degrees or higher qualifications can apply for a five-year Schengen visa. The initiative aims to enhance educational exchange and foster international careers. However, concerns about financial barriers and course limitations linger. This program opens doors for Indian students to broaden their horizons, but feasibility challenges and academic constraints remain points of discussion.


Rental scams: Warning for students ahead of new term

Students are being cautioned about rental scams as the academic term nears. Housing Charity Threshold, Irish Council for International Students, and Union of Students in Ireland launched “The Scamwatch campaign” to educate students on safe housing practices. Scammers posing as landlords, using fake websites and social media, target students—especially international ones, where nearly one in seven fall victim. Accommodation scams have surged by 65% in four years. Experts advise viewing properties, verifying agents, and signing contracts with witnesses. Authorities stress reporting scams and seeking official help.


Top A-levels fall, with steepest drop in England

Top A-level scores nosedive again, with the sharpest plunge in England, reflecting ongoing pandemic disruptions in education across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Merely 27.2-percent clinch A or A grades, marking a second consecutive annual drop. Scotland’s exam pass rate, though diminished, remains above pre-pandemic levels. University placements remain stable, with 79-percent of 18-year-olds securing first-choice institutions, a dip from last year but a surge from pre-pandemic times. Amid debate over fair grading, England’s exams watchdog, Ofqual, insists on pre-pandemic grade parity, while the Higher Education Policy Institute critiques England’s rushed return to normalcy.


‘The problem is that the border isn’t open to everyone who lives here’

Non-UK and non-Irish citizens, refugees, and international students face hurdles in cross-border travel between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The North West Migrants Forum, the Committee on the Administration of Justice, and the Irish Network Against Racism are jointly addressing this issue. Reports indicate that non-white travelers are subjected to identification checks, unlike others. A forthcoming town hall meeting in Dublin on September 21 aims to raise awareness and gather public support on this matter. Critics mention that the Common Travel Area and Good Friday Agreement prioritize equality, irrespective of EU membership. The event sparks discussions about regional inclusivity and equal rights within the shared island, underlining the need for comprehensive solutions.

Yahoo! News

New international student visa reforms will allow applicants to use pathway as means for migration to Australia

New reforms in Australia’s student visa process could reshape migration, allowing international students to express their intent to migrate in visa applications. The Albanese government’s proposal aims to replace the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement with a Genuine Student Test (GST), emphasizing the potential for high-skilled graduates to contribute to Australia’s workforce. This shift comes after a recent Migration Review report called for better utilization of international students as skilled migrants. While education stakeholders support the move to attract talent, concerns arise over potential misuse, echoing previous issues with fraudulent visa applications. The changes could alleviate Australia’s labor shortage and help address deficiencies in capturing high-potential international students.


Digital education system market is booming so rapidly

The digital education system market is experiencing explosive growth, with key players Coursera, Alison, and Udemy taking the lead. HTF Market Intelligence’s latest report sheds light on this dynamic market, offering strategic insights for decision-makers. The study delves into shifting trends, pivotal drivers, challenges, and lucrative opportunities. Notable names like BYJU’S and Coursera are making waves, revolutionizing education with tech integration. However, experts stress the need to balance online and offline learning while ensuring digital literacy. Regulatory analysis, coupled with SWOT and PESTLE assessments, paints a comprehensive picture. As demand for information surges, HTF MI remains at the forefront of providing industry expertise.


Russia in moves to increase influence in Africa through higher education

Africa and Russia forge closer ties in higher education and research, aiming to collaborate on nuclear, space, AI, and digital technology projects. A joint declaration was adopted at the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum in St. Petersburg, outlining plans to enhance academic mobility and partnerships between universities. The move signifies Russia’s strategic bid to bolster its presence in Africa amid geopolitical shifts. While Russian investment in the continent remains limited, this educational partnership offers an alternative approach to extend influence. Some academics express concerns that the initiative echoes historical ideological maneuvers, potentially leading to a new geopolitical alignment reminiscent of a Cold War era. Experts warn of impacts on academic freedom and democratic principles within African education as global powers vie for supremacy.


Featured Institution - Pacific State University

Pacific States University, founded in 1928, offers a rich history of quality education. Based in Los Angeles, it empowers over 12,000 graduates with business and computer science expertise. Drawing students from 40+ countries, its distinguished faculty brings international perspectives. 


Modern classrooms, internet-equipped labs, and an extensive library enhance learning. Access to MELVYL, an online catalog network for the campuses of the University of California, and other libraries enriches research. Tailored for global scholars, PSU’s flexible programs cater to varied schedules. Small classes, adept faculty, and ample resources ensure success. The vibrant Southern California setting provides an ideal backdrop for study and leisure. From entertainment options to diverse landscapes, PSU offers an exceptional education and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Pacific States University

Featured Program - Business Administration

The F.C. Manning School of Business Administration at Acadia University offers an immersive education. International and domestic students can benefit from close faculty collaboration, specializing in fields like accounting, entrepreneurship, and marketing.


Learners can also experience global opportunities through study abroad and local projects, stepping into a career-ready world. Acadia University’s business school is a home to 600 students from 30 nations, where small classes ensure personal growth. Students can graduate with integrity, adaptability, and entrepreneurial prowess, equipped for leadership and change.

Acadia University

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