US SC strikes down Biden’s forgiveness plan; CA’s IRCC modified IELTS requirement for study permits; and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

US SC strikes down Biden’s forgiveness plan; CA’s IRCC modified IELTS requirement for study permits; and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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The United States Supreme Court strikes down the student loan forgiveness plan initiated by the Biden administration, stating that the government overstepped its authority in trying to initiate a costly debt relief without the approval of Congress.


In Canada, the IRCC made significant modifications to the IELTS Academic Test requirement for foreign students applying for study permits in the country. The move not only intends to streamline the process but also to provide more opportunities to talented students.      


All these and more key developments from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland in this week’s edition of MSM Reporter.  


Supreme Court rules against Biden’s plan to erase up to $20,000 of student loan debt per borrower

The Supreme Court has ruled against President Joe Biden’s plan to erase up to $20,000 of student loan debt per borrower, affecting approximately 16 million borrowers who had been approved for relief. The 6-3 decision stated that Biden lacked the authority to cancel $430 billion in student debt under the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003. Payments and interest on student loans will resume in October, with borrowers facing possible customer service delays due to reduced funding for the Federal Student Aid office.


Modified! IELTS Academic band score requirement for study permits to change from this date

Starting August 10, international students applying for study permits in Canada through the Student Direct Stream category will only need an overall band score of 6.0 in the IELTS Academic Test, removing the requirement for minimum scores in individual sections. This change aims to simplify the application process and provide more opportunities for talented students. 

Financial Express

British parliament task force report exposes anti-Semitism in universities

A recent report by the British Parliament Task Force on Anti-Semitism highlights the experiences of Jewish individuals in UK universities, emphasizing the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-Semitism for trust-building. The comprehensive report recommends reasonable adjustments, fair complaint procedures, and anti-Semitism education. It received support from student groups but raised concerns about free speech and representation. 

MSM Reporter

Brexit has added to Ireland’s popularity as a study destination

Brexit boosted Ireland’s popularity as a study destination thanks to its thriving economy, favorable visa process, and excellent education opportunities. With a growing number of multinational companies, Ireland offers a vibrant job market. Post-study work visa options attract international students, and sectors like IT, pharmaceuticals, finance, and engineering provide promising job prospects for graduates. Ireland’s appeal as a preferred study-abroad destination continues to rise, especially among Indian students.

Education Times

'A worrying trend': Dutch universities rebel against plan to limit English courses

Dutch universities are resisting a government plan to limit English courses, which aims to reduce English content in bachelor’s degrees to one-third of course credits. Universities fear negative consequences such as overcrowding and reduced accessibility. They argue that language requirements may deter foreign students and harm the Dutch economy. The proposal is seen as a departure from the country’s historically open and tolerant reputation.


‘Need to work’: International students brace for restricted working hours

International students in Australia are facing restricted working hours, limiting them to 48 hours per fortnight. The new rules aim to prioritize study over work, but have sparked concerns among students about financial strain and free time. An online petition is calling for the cap to be scrapped, highlighting the high cost of living and lack of government support for international students. Australia still allows more work hours than other countries, but there are worries about mental health pressures and potential shifts to private colleges. Some students are considering cash-in-hand jobs to make ends meet.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Christopher Luxon criticizes slow return of international students

New Zealand National Party leader Christopher Luxon criticized the government’s handling of the economy and the slow return of international students. He highlighted the importance of rebuilding the international student industry and blamed the government for the financial troubles in the tertiary sector. Luxon also expressed support for the Prime Minister’s visit to China and emphasized the need for strong relationships with other countries.


Supreme Court strikes down college affirmative action programs

The Supreme Court has ruled to strike down affirmative action programs at the University of North Carolina and Harvard University, putting an end to the consideration of race in the admissions process. The court determined that both programs violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. Conservatives hailed the decision as a victory for a “colorblind” Constitution, while liberals condemned it as a setback in remedying historic race discrimination. The ruling is expected to have broader implications for diversity programs in higher education and beyond.

NBC News

As housing costs soar, some financial analysts advise to scrap the 30% rule

Financial analysts suggested reevaluating the “30% rule,” which advises spending 30% of income on housing, due to soaring housing costs. While the benchmark has been useful historically, experts find it less applicable now and recommend a more individualized approach to budgeting based on specific needs and obligations. Cutting discretionary expenses and exploring additional income sources can help manage housing costs effectively.

CBC News

64% of working professionals keen to pursue master’s degrees abroad: Survey findings

A survey by upGrad’s Study Abroad arm found that 64% of Indian working professionals want to pursue master’s degrees abroad for better job prospects. The report highlights the popularity of education loans and the lack of knowledge about the application process. It also reveals a growing interest in non-conventional study-abroad destinations and emphasizes Canada’s appeal.

Financial Express

WB urges S. Asian states to expand collaboration in higher education

The World Bank report highlights the importance of South Asian governments collaborating in higher education to address the growing internationalization trends. It proposes various models of cross-border collaboration and identifies language proficiency, technology, and open education resources as facilitating factors. The report recommends external facilitation through organizations like the World Bank and bilateral initiatives with like-minded institutions to achieve meaningful results in regional integration.


Govt pumps extra $128m into cash-strapped universities, tertiary institutions in bid to stave off job cuts

The New Zealand government is injecting an extra NZD128 million ($79.30 million) into struggling tertiary institutions to prevent job cuts and program reductions. The funding includes an increase in tuition subsidies and aims to address financial uncertainty caused by declining enrollments and underfunding. The government also plans to review the overall funding of the sector for long-term sustainability.

New Zealand Herald

Featured Institution - American International College

Founded in July 1885, American International College has been a leading institution in education and community development for over 125 years. Located in Springfield, MA, AIC offers a wide array of undergraduate programs in liberal arts, sciences, and career-related fields, including accounting, business administration, nursing, physical therapy, and more. Additionally, the college provides graduate programs in high-demand fields such as psychology, education, and nursing. 


With a steadfast commitment to fostering personal and professional growth, AIC aspires to provide a holistic education in an inclusive environment. The college’s mission centers around empowering a diverse community of learners to achieve their full potential. AIC envisions itself as the college of choice for students seeking an innovative and transformative educational experience. Currently, AIC accommodates a total student body of 2,010, consisting of 1,167 undergraduates and 843 graduate students.

American International College

Featured Program - Continuing Care Assistant program

The Continuing Care Assistant program is a one-year certificate program that enables individuals to provide direct support and assistance to clients in various settings such as long-term care, home care, assisted living, and special needs classrooms, offering support with mobility, personal care, meals, and medication.


Through clinical work experiences, students gain exposure to diverse work settings, building a strong foundation as healthcare support staff. The program focuses on developing knowledge and skills related to applying long-term care philosophy in different settings, addressing individual psychosocial needs, implementing dementia management strategies, studying gerontology, administering personal care, promoting independence in a safe environment, and working with individuals with various physical and cognitive impairments, as well as people from diverse cultures. 

North West College

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