US, top destination for Indian students; CA’s housing crisis urgently needs solutions; and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

US, top destination for Indian students; CA’s housing crisis urgently needs solutions; and more in this week’s MSM Reporter

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The United States remains the preferred destination for Indian students seeking higher education overseas, with more than half opting to further their education in North America. Currently, there are over one million Indian students studying in 85 countries throughout the world. Aside from the US, most also flock to countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. 


Meanwhile, Canada’s growing popularity as an international student destination is putting a strain on the accommodations sector. A recent report revealed a pressing need to solve the country’s supply deficit in purpose-built student housing as occupancy rates approach 100%.


All these and more key developments from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and China in this week’s edition of MSM Reporter.


US to remain the most preferred destination for Indian students

Indian students continue to choose the United States as their preferred destination for higher education overseas, enticed by its outstanding colleges, diverse study options, and ample chances for research, internships, and job placements. With over one million Indian students studying in 85 countries throughout the world, it is notable that more than half of them prefer to further their education in North America. Aside from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany have considerable attraction among Indian students, solidifying their standing as popular study destinations.

The Economic Times

Report highlights Canada’s urgent need to address shortage in purpose-built student accommodation

Canada’s growing popularity as a study destination for international students is accompanied by a pressing need to solve the supply deficit in purpose-built student housing, according to a report by BONARD. The study titled “Why Canada’s PBSA Sector is a Great Opportunity for Investors,” shared that Canada trails behind the United States in providing housing for international students. With PBSA occupancy rates approaching 100 percent and major Canadian cities struggling with the scarcity, there is an obvious need for more accommodation specifically designed for students.


Outrage over UK’s ban on international students’ families: Edinburgh University students react

The Edinburgh University Students Association has expressed concern over the UK Home Office’s recent decision to prohibit international students from bringing dependents to the country beginning in 2024, stating that such a policy diminishes UK’s appeal as a destination for international students. The association contends that allowing only international students below Ph.D. level to bring their families demonstrates a “disturbing disregard” for the personal circumstances of many students and has a negative impact on the academic environment. Vice President Community Isi Williams emphasized that policies that discourage international students are unnecessary and called for measures that foster a welcoming environment, transforming universities into thriving centers of intellectual and cultural exchange.


Dutch government to screen foreign Ph.D. tech students, denies targeting China

The Netherlands is considering enacting laws to check international students seeking to pursue technical degrees for potential security threats, as affirmed by a spokesperson from the Education Ministry. This planned screening would be part of a set of measures aimed at limiting Chinese students’ and firms’ access to Dutch technology. However, the Education Ministry clarified that the new laws will apply to all non-European Union students, not just Chinese students. The Dutch intelligence agency AIVD had previously warned about the appeal of Dutch colleges as espionage targets, with China regarded as the most serious threat. In response, Dutch universities have already begun to refuse Chinese students who receive scholarships from the China Scholarship Council. 


‘Can’t afford fruits’ cost-of-living crisis hits Indian students in Australia

The financial difficulties faced by international students in Australia are highlighted by a recent report by the Monash Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice. Due to scarce resources, several Indian students say they have had to compromise on their dietary requirements. In Australia, a single international student spends about A$20,000 a year on necessities including rent, food, transportation, and other expenditures. In contrast to 33 percent of domestic students, 11 percent of overseas students relied on credit cards, according to a poll done in 2022.

The Free Press Journal

Majority of universities report deficit for 2022, call for government to reinvest savings

In 2022, five out of eight universities in New Zealand suffered financial losses, making it one of the worst years for the institutions. The situation may worsen as Waikato is expected to confirm a deficit in its upcoming annual report. Universities New Zealand expressed concerns about the challenging year ahead and urged the government to provide financial assistance using savings from declining enrollments. Annual reports showed deficiencies for AUT, Canterbury, Massey, Otago, and Victoria while surpluses were reported in Auckland and Lincoln. Analyst Roger Smyth noted that this widespread deficit occurrence was unprecedented in over 20 years and attributed it to declining enrollments, particularly among domestic students.


Non-availability of US student visa interview dates cause for concern

Nearly 3,500 Indian students seeking visas were interviewed by the US diplomatic mission in India during its annual student visa day, which took place in many major cities. Among other nationalities combined, 125,000 Indians received US student visas last year, a record high according to reports. One-fifth of all student visas issued worldwide were issued in India. The US embassy intends to speak with more college students this year. Over 200,000 Indian students are currently enrolled in American academic institutions, making up more than 20 percent of all overseas students in the US.

The Times of India

B.C. international students are the new temporary foreign workers, stuck without work in their fields: survey

British Columbia has the lowest rate of granting permanent residency to foreign students, despite drawing the second-highest number of students to Canada after graduation. A total of 1,300 international students at Langara College and the College of New Caledonia participated in a three-year study project that revealed the difficulties these students encountered in finding jobs and relocating to Canada after graduation. Despite paying higher tuition, only 30 percent of international bachelor’s degree holders obtained permanent residency within 10 years. Higher odds were present for those with a master’s or Ph.D. degree, at 50 percent and 60 percent, respectively. 

New Canadian Media

In 2022, one out of every five US student visas was for India: US envoy

The United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti has reported that of the five student visas issued by the US in 2022, one was for an Indian student. Indian students comprise over twenty percent of international students in the US, and the US Mission is actively endeavoring to reduce the wait times on visa applications. It has been noted that more than 50 percent of Indian students in the United States are enrolled in graduate programs. Moreover, there has been a steady rise in the number of undergraduates opting to travel to the United States in the last five to six years, with the majority of Indian students electing to pursue postgraduate programs.

The Hindu

International students protest indefinitely in Mississauga, Canada to demand the cancellation of deportation orders

International students from India have been protesting in front of the Canada Border Services Agency headquarters to demand the cancellation of deportation orders issued against students who were victims of falsified college admission letters. The Canadian government is threatening hundreds of international students with deportation, but the Standing Committee on Immigration and Citizenship has called out the agency’s deportation plans and proposed that they provide an alternate pathway to permanent residency. The students have been receiving community support and have been joined by public personalities and political officials.

Punjab News Express

Foreign fee-paying student numbers fall, despite rise in approvals

Several universities in New Zealand experienced significant financial losses in 2022, with only two out of eight institutions reporting surpluses. Falling enrollments, both domestic and international, were cited as the primary driver of the financial challenges. While international enrollments were expected to recover, domestic enrollments were predicted to remain low for some time. Universities New Zealand called on the government to allocate funds saved from lower enrollments to support the struggling institutions. The universities faced the possibility of staff cuts and a need to reassess their long-term strategies in response to the ongoing financial difficulties.


China to increase international student fees in line with UK, US

The Chinese government is considering increasing international student fees to match popular study abroad destinations such as the United States and United Kingdom. This proposal is part of President Xi Jinping’s efforts to improve China’s education system and attract more international students. Currently, non-domestic students pay around 20,000 yuan (About $2,792) per year, but the suggested increase would bring this amount up to 100,000 yuan (about $13,962). Domestic tuition fees have already been raised by up to 54 percent this year.


Featured Institution - Coast Mountain College

Coast Mountain College (formerly Northwest Community College) is a post-secondary institution that serves the diverse communities of British Columbia’s northwest region. It has five regional campuses and offers college access, small class sizes, health and human services programs, online programs, university credit programs, trades foundation and apprenticeship programs, and mobile training. Its goal is to be the college of choice for experiential learning in the unique outdoor spaces of this part of Canada.


Coast Mountain College is guided by three core values: Adventure, Transformative, and Integrity. These values are expressed through creating adventurous pathways to transform lives, with the goal of becoming the college of choice for experiential, place-based learning by 2027.

Coast Mountain College

Featured Program - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

East Tennessee State University’s nursing program, which grants a baccalaureate degree, is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree serves as the foundation for professional nursing practice. The College of Nursing at East Tennessee State University provides seven different tracks for students pursuing a BSN. These tracks have specific admission requirements, including a minimum GPA and standardized entrance exam score. Applicants are ranked using a point system for admission. Students receive guidance from professional advisors to ensure they meet the necessary degree requirements and the university’s General Education Program Requirements.

East Tennessee State University

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