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MSM Unify: A New Era in EDTech

2020 has definitely brought in an unexpected shock wave that has set the world into a standstill. With the emergence of COVID-19 earlier this year, many were unprepared for the gravity of its effects, which was felt in various parts of the world. The ongoing pandemic has pushed many industries to alter their processes to ensure the health and safety of their employees and consumers. Most office workers are sent to work from home, some businesses are forced to shut down due to grave revenue losses, while others have to let go some of their staff to accommodate expenses. 


The higher education sector is no exemption to this. With the rise of the pandemic, colleges and universities are struggling to provide a safe and secure way of providing quality education to their students, all the while sustaining their enrollment numbers within reasonable levels. 


Although there are a lot of challenges that have risen from the current circumstances, the higher education community strives to go against the odds and continue to educate the learners of the world by transitioning to online and finding solutions with ed-tech. 


MSM Higher Ed President, Donna Hooker, also noted that the future students: Generation Z, are students who grew up with technology, thus have incredibly high standards for instant responses. “They can swipe to and from your institution in a moment or less. These are the students who want instant responses and answers on the internet.” She added. This has inspired MSM to create a solution for institutions to be able to streamline their recruitment processes and increase international student enrollments during this time of transition into the “New Normal.”


Introducing MSM Unify, a B2B online platform that aims to increase student diversity by expanding application potential and streamlining the student enrollment and agent authorization process. In this single platform, higher education institutions are able to connect with a global network of education agents who bring with them students from different backgrounds to match your on-campus and online programs. This portal is equipped with the tools to make recruitment activities easier and more efficient for institutions across the globe. 


“Through MSM Unify we make sure that technology is on the side of agents and institutions alike,” said MSM CEO and founder Sanjay Laul. MSM Unify helps institutions find qualified and exemplary applicants by making sure applications are complete and verified before submission; proving that the platform isn’t merely a project of profit, but something that is built on the needs of institution administrators identified by MSM’s esteemed board of advisors from leading colleges and universities worldwide.  


MSM Unify is a powerful addition to the Ed Tech space and it’s simply exciting how amid the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic, MSM Unify shines like a beacon—ready to lead the higher education community to a brighter and more positive future. 


Witness the launching of this new EDTech innovation at the MSM Unify’s Institution Portal webinar on September 25. There will be two time slots on the same day; one at 8:30 AM IST and another at 8:30 PM IST. Discover the ways this powerful platform can become your partner in international recruitment. 


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