Leading Int’l Education Provider Launches B2B Student Recruitment Platform

M Square Media (MSM), a leading service provider in the international education sector, has launched a new student recruitment platform that connects colleges and universities to education agents and their students around the world. 

MSM Unify offers thousands of study options to help agents find the best matches for their students while allowing higher education institutions (HEIs) to seamlessly market their on-campus and online programs.

“At a time of uncertainty, budget crunches, and challenges brought on by COVID-19, MSM Unify couldn’t come at a better time, helping institutions diversify and increase their student population as well as assisting agents in increasing their recruitment numbers, tough times or not. Our goal is to accelerate agent base growth while invigorating existing recruitment efforts,” Sanjay Laul, MSM CEO and Founder.

MSM Unify streamlines the student application process, offers easy access to school’s promotional materials, and helps agents manage their commissions, among many automated functions. 

“We want to be true to our tagline: we make student recruitment easier, faster, simpler,” said Suneetha Qureshi, MSM Vice President for Global. “Agents can find the best match for their students with more institutional partnerships, while institutions now have powerful information to manage their recruiter network at their fingertips. 

According to Qureshi, MSM Unify’s recruitment tools enable anything from automation to analytics to occur on a single platform – increasing the potential of agents, for instance, to increase the speed of their recruitment efforts by up to 10 times. 

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) powers the B2B recruitment activities between agents and institutions on MSM Unify. In its future iteration, the platform will offer mobile apps for international education, including for students’ safe arrival in their host country, international students’ starter kit, and premium automation of agent invoicing. 

“Not only does MSM Unify show our organisation’s growth and the maturity of our technology, but it also gives the recruitment marketplace the luxury of choice: schools and agents can get rid of burdensome offline processes, and students can better navigate their study abroad journey,” Laul added. 

The agent portal of MSM Unify launched on August 18 with a virtual launch event on the same date, where 1,500 agents from more than 35 countries registered.

The launch involved a walk-through of the agent portal, which features a dedicated dashboard showing institution and program profiles, a standard student applicant profile that can be submitted to multiple institutions, eligibility tests, and a view of commissions and invoices. The institution portal will be launched after a month.

MSM provides added incentives to its global/in-country office partners in its Global Marketing Office (GMO) model by providing a number of solutions on MSM Unify that are exclusive and completely tailored to their needs. 

MSM builds global and in-country offices and manages agents on behalf of its partner HEIs. It has supported over 75,000 international students in pursuing their applications to colleges and universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. 

Learn more and register to gain access to the student management platform by visiting www.MSMUnify.com

About M Square Media

M Square Media (MSM) is a leading global platform that provides business development and marketing solutions to public and private institutions in the international education sector. Headquartered in British Columbia, we are a proud partner of 40 higher education institutions in Canada, the US, UK, Australia, and other key markets worldwide, establishing global or in-country offices, managing agent networks, and delivering targeted numbers in student recruitment for a real ROI and sustained institutional growth. With a team of over 250 professionals in 17 countries and 4,500 affiliated education agents around the globe, we provide customized solutions that include digital marketing, lead generation, market entry strategy and expansion, brand development, finance and accounting management, staff recruitment, and local representation. Read more about us at www.msquaremedia.com.

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