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Newest MSM Higher Ed Pathways Founding Member Lincoln University focuses on land-based knowledge and education and is based in New Zealand. It joins other MSM Higher Ed Pathways Founding Members from the United States, the UK and Australia. / LINCOLN UNIVERSITY

Lincoln University is the newest Founding Member of the unique MSM Higher Ed Pathways program. It is also the first Founding Member institution based in New Zealand. 

As a Founding Member, Lincoln University shares the responsibility with other founding member institutions in designing the pathway curriculum to be carried out at MSM Higher Ed delivery centres in over 50 cities globally in the next two years. 

“Our Pathways program allows international students to begin their studies at, or close to home, and later on earn their degrees at higher education institutions in destination countries like Canada, the US,  UK, Australia and now New Zealand, “ said Donna Hooker, MSM Higher Ed President.

Lincoln University joins six other founding members from the United States, Australia and Scotland namely, the University of Charleston, Frostburg State University, Hartwick College, Hawai’i Pacific University, Griffith University and Queen Margaret University.

“Lincoln University looks forward to working with MSM Higher Ed on this exciting student recruitment initiative,” said Professor Grant Edwards, Vice-Chancellor. “Lincoln University is a place of great learning and growth. This happens through leading research, meaningful industry collaborations, global connections and world-class learning environments and teaching. The partnership means students can become part of the Lincoln community while still studying in their own country and have a clear pathway to earning a world-class qualification from Lincoln University.”

The Founding Members make up a global consortium, wherein the institutions contribute in giving quality assurance reviews, take in a steady stream of competent international students, and become part of Foundation studies and recruitment initiatives. As a Founding Member, Lincoln University is also capable of enhancing its global network and brand as an MSM partner.

MSM Higher Ed is an education management arm of M Square Media (MSM)  which, along with its Pathways service, offers other services like campus management and strategic partnerships such as PPPs.

Lincoln University—A Place to Grow

Lincoln University has contributed to growing New Zealand’s land-based knowledge, wealth and productivity for more than a century. Although its focus lies on its expertise in agriculture, Lincoln University understands that with growth is the ability to adapt to changes along the way. 

Today, Lincoln University offers a variety of learning options that cater to the demand of students and their targeted career paths, without straying far from its vision. In addition to agriculture, the higher education institution has added horticulture, winemaking and grape-growing, business, property and valuation, environmental management, tourism, sport and recreation, and landscape architecture as some of its specialized areas.

As Lincoln University continues to rely on its strengths of focusing on land-based activities, it becomes an important contributor to the betterment of this planet. Its high regard for sustainable practices allows the institution to move forward into the future without sacrificing the present. Being the country’s smallest university also adds to the sense of community and fellowship within the campus. 

Students take this to heart: Lincoln University is a place to grow.

More Partnerships under Way

More higher education institutions from destination countries are targeted to become Founding Members, creating a range of study abroad pathways for qualified international students.

Meanwhile, institutions from China, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other countries across the globe are welcome to become delivery centres for students who are looking to get a head start toward their international studies. 

MSM Higher Ed Pathways is a service by MSM, an industry leader in education management solutions that create opportunities for students while building capacity for international student enrollment and new revenue streams for partner institutions.

Interested institutional partners may send their expression of interest to MSM Higher Ed President Donna Hooker at [email protected]

For more details, visit MSM Higher Ed official website at 

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MSM Higher Ed offers education management solutions that create opportunities for students while building capacity for international student enrollment and new revenue streams for partner institutions. Through viable public-private partnerships (PPPs), licensing agreements, program pathways based on articulation arrangements, and pan-national and transnational program delivery, we create opportunities for students to earn career-oriented credentials preparing their career or academic advancement. MSM Higher Ed manages private institutions Eton College Canada, Q College, Q Academy, Taylor Pro College, Extreme Pro Training, and College Multihexa and transnational education centres.

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