MSM GMO Inks Six New Partnerships : Total Partners Now at 52

MSM GMO Inks Six New Partnerships Total Partners Now at 52

(December 2021) M Square Media is thrilled to announce its partnership with six more institutions under its Global Marketing Office (GMO).

Just before the year ends, MSM GMO has sealed six new contracts with institutions that trusted MSM’s innovative student recruitment solutions as key to growing their international student population.

MSM GMO’s new partners are three institutions from across the United States, two from Canada, and one from the United Kingdom.

New Partners from the US

Rosemont College is a co-ed private Catholic liberal arts college in Rosemont, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1921 as a women’s college by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, the undergraduate program opened to male students beginning in fall 2009. Rosemont College has a strong reputation for valuing variety and individuality. Its heart is in the encouragement and support given to its students’ academic, athletic, and personal life by the entire community.

Hanover College is Indiana’s oldest private college, with a rural campus overlooking the Ohio River. Hanover offers more than 30 academic degrees, with business, psychology, kinesiology, and communications being the most popular. In addition, the college allows students to create their own major. Owing to its Presbyterian affiliation, Hanover also encourages students to attend holy days in the Brown Memorial Chapel and to participate in community service regularly.

Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) is a part of Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), a global university with over 20,000 students from all over the world. GCU is known as “the University for the Common Good” because of its commitment to people, the environment, and profit. GCNYC is dedicated to providing life-changing master’s programs that equip graduates with the skills they need to influence businesses, industries, and systems.

New Allies from Canada

Quest University is a non-profit, private liberal arts and sciences university in British Columbia. Quest’s curriculum is considered unconventional. It employs the Block Plan, which requires students to complete 32 blocks to graduate. Classes are held in a seminar format with a maximum of 20 students.  Students receive a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree upon graduation.

Mentora College of Business and Technology is a private career college in Toronto that focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to enter today’s labor market and pursue a career in Business Administration Management or hospitality and hotel management.

New Partner from the UK

Abertay University is a campus university in Dundee, Scotland, with about 4,500 students. It is well-known for its expertise in computer game development and art design courses. It is the only university in the United Kingdom with official accreditation in both subjects. Many of its courses and facilities are modern and built for a high-tech approach to learning. It also has several specialized departments, including wood technology, urban water systems, and bioinformatics, among others. Sony, Microsoft, Rare, and Codemasters are just a few of the companies with which Abertay University has developed significant industrial ties.

Alliance with MSM GMO

These institutions’ partnership with MSM GMO will provide them with the solutions they need to effectively recruit global learners who want to study abroad, thereby creating a bigger, more diverse student base for their institution.

GMO’s core services include providing global and in-country offices, agent management, market entry and expansion, and training and market intelligence. Through this model, the international education sector is made even more extensive and dynamic.

Having a global marketing presence enables these institutions to conduct more efficient recruitment. This is made possible by working with high-performing student recruitment agents who effectively implement the university’s branding and education marketing efforts in the country of their choice.

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