MSM Welcomes Arlene Griffiths to International Advisory Board

Arlene Griffiths has joined as the newest member of the MSM International Advisory Board, providing expertise as a business consultant and recruitment expert.

As AG Consultancy Cardiff Ltd. founder and director, Griffiths brings unmatched industry insight from 17 years as a professional in the  international education industry alongside experience in the consumer healthcare and sports sectors. 

Griffiths served as the Head of the International Office at Cardiff University and represented Wales in the Education UK Partnership Board. In 2010, she also built and managed IDP Education UK before running its American counterpart in 2014.

As Advisory Board member, she looks forward to helping MSM make informed decisions in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Griffiths, the pandemic offers an opportunity for persevering higher education institutions (HEIs) to contribute to the world’s recovery from the health crisis. Preserving international study offerings is vital to empowering collaboration across global borders, such as for much-needed research in vaccine studies and to help economies bounce back.

Asked about managing budget cuts in the coming academic year, she said: “Budgets will need to be allocated into the areas where the best return is achieved. With travel capacity reduced, universities will need to embrace different approaches to international student recruitment.”

For the post-pandemic world, Griffiths stresses the necessity of a dedicated local presence in target countries for colleges and universities, such as the global and in-country office model offered by MSM, as well as implementing an effective remote learning experience.

“The International Advisory Board has gained a great edge with experts like Arlene on board to provide sound guidance,” said MSM CEO and Founder Sanjay Laul. “With insight like hers, we are better positioned to help partner institutions navigate the current and forthcoming challenges.”

Giffiths joins other members of the International Advisory Board, namely Cape Breton University (CBU) President, the Honorable David C. Dingwall; Sarah Todd, Vice President for Global at Griffith University and President of the Asia Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE); Raghwa Gopal, President and CEO at Innovate BC Canada; Markus Laitinen, Past President of European Association for International Education EAIE Europe; Clark Hortsing, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at International Insurance Canada; and The PIE CEO and Founder and journalist-turned-entrepreneur, Amy Baker. Learn more about the MSM International Advisory Board.

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