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What is a Student Recruitment Agent?

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Year after year, education institutions exert tremendous effort in student recruitment to take in as many qualified applicants as possible. Meanwhile, students experience a lot of stress while looking for a college or university that would match their interests.


For higher education institutions (HEIs), the process of student recruitment can be arduous, often requiring resources they do not have. Institutions would also need to balance the necessity to accept students, especially international students, and the desire to uphold the school’s standards.


Admissions offices would often have to go through thousands of applications and make difficult decisions so they can offer a place to only the most qualified students depending on the school’s standards.


And for students, college or university application processes and requirements can be overwhelming, especially if they have plans of studying abroad. The must-do’s can be daunting or can seem hard to achieve, and prospective international learners may often become demotivated, quitting their dream altogether.


This is where a student recruitment agent comes in to help both HEIs and students achieve their goals.


What is a student recruitment agent?

There is a growing number of institutions that work with local representatives in their global education marketing to promote their programs. These are the student recruitment agents who can also be sales representatives working solo or as employees of an agency. Also referred to as education agents, they usually have an established local presence.


These individuals provide pertinent information about the institution, give available scholarship details, help students through the application process, and even train them for interviews. They specialize in referring students to study destinations, domestically or internationally.


Some agents get to interact with students and families physically to advise them on certain study opportunities. Agents are also responsible for assisting a student in the admissions and visa application processes.


One of the best things here is that students can use an agent’s services for free since institutions are the ones paying them through commission. But an application fee for the institution is sometimes required to get an agent.


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What student recruitment agents can do for institutions

Education agents serve as the bridge between HEIs and students. Agents represent the institution and put a human face to it, allowing interested students to interact with the institution in a more personal way.


Student recruitment agents are trained to deliver leads, interact with students and provide them with the institutional and degree program information they need, and guide students throughout the application process to make sure they not only meet the requirements, but also stand out from the crowd.

What this means for institutions is that they get quality applications from the most qualified students from all over the world. Agents pre-screen prospective international students so that HEIs are sure to receive the quality applications they are looking for.


The most high-performing student recruiters have been trained to not only help promote HEIs but also make sure that international students arrive in their host country with the knowledge and confidence they need to make their study abroad journey a success.


Education agents gain essential knowledge and skills from attending workshops and learning sessions, as well as from participating in summits and school tours. Because of this, they are able to provide institutions and students only the best service that they deserve.


Learn more about how MSM student recruitment agents help you succeed in your international education aspiration. Visit: https://msquaremedia.com/agents/

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