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Every year, the global rankings of higher education institutions in the world garner international attention. For many, they are a point of pride and prestige, and many are gradually working towards maintaining or improving their status. It’s a highly competitive list, but there are many ways you can actually improve your global ranking in a cutthroat industry.

Focus on Research

The biggest criteria in university rankings everywhere is academic reputation. The best best way to build your reputation is by producing research that is relevant to the community at large.


All the top universities have innovative research that has made waves in its particular field of study, but one of the biggest barriers to achieving this is funding. Academic institutions need to invest in resources, facilities, and services that assists research. Though costly, the reward isn’t just prestige but also academic recognition and more funding from government and non-government organizations.

Hire More Prestigious Professors

Keep an eye on the top scholars in the field, and employ them as part of their committee. It improves not only your ranking but your credibility as a higher education institution. These rankings look at what they have accomplished, how many doctorate degrees they have, and the amount and quality of their published works.


Aside from that, having a well-known scholar or leader as a dean or head of college can attract other experts in the field. Students, staff, and academic communities would want to work under those who have already made a big impact in the academic world.

Diversify Your Staff

In this age, universities and colleges need to be more globalized in order to become more competitive. There are many excellent scholars across the borders, and internationalizing not just your student base but also your faculty will help boost numbers.


You will also benefit from the new perspectives and ideas that they bring. It can also improve your student-to-teacher ratio, which is another criteria in university rankings.

Offer More Courses in English

The top universities are all about being accessible, and offering more English-taught programs means more foreign students will be able to enroll in your institution. More English programs also means more English research and reports are produced. University rankings are very particular in that they specifically look at English research papers when grading a university.

Improve Student Experience

What students say about your institution is vital to your reputation. Pay attention to what they say on surveys, review sites, and graduation evaluations. Some university rankings actually take into account student satisfaction. Ask about their student life. Is the community welcoming to them and their culture? Is living on campus difficult? Do they have access to mental and financial support systems?

Develop Your Brand

Academic institutions need to find a way to make themselves stand out among a sea of high-quality colleges and universities. You do not want to be accidentally mistaken for another school.


Make sure your website is fully functional and responsive. Monitor how you come across when advertising, and maintain a level of consistency when marketing yourself. This can help students from abroad easily distinguish you from similar institutions within your area.

Make Publishing Research Easier

Student-published research aren’t the only papers to consider. The individual works published by your staff are important to your ranking. Oftentimes, though, bureaucratic red tape can be discouraging to professors. A lot of time and money is wasted when administrations block and overcomplicate research systems and processes.


University rankings may be important, but it’s not the end-all when determining an institution’s worth. There are many factors that play into a student’s decision. You can find out more about how university rankings affect enrollment through our research reports.

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